Ready To Heel That Pain?

There are all kinds of dads out there–but we have a sneaking feeling that yours is the best!

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect opportunity to make your dad (or a father figure in your life) feel special.

Whether your special guy has a young family, a house full of teenagers, an empty nest, or is simply a dad at heart, we’ve got the best (and most affordable!) father’s day activities, gifts, and card ideas to help make his Father’s Day fun and memorable.

The dad with a young family

Celebrating Father’s Day on the cheap is especially important when you have a young family. But these affordable activities, gifts, and cards will make him feel like a million bucks!

Card ideas:

  1. Kids and dads alike love dinosaurs—not to mention a sweet message!
  2. For young kids, dad is as close to superhero as it gets.

Gift ideas:

Dads and kids will love getting a special treat with an even sweeter message. Pick out your favorite candy bars or candy together, and find a creative way to make a note for dad on poster board. E.g., “We love your ‘Snickers,’ thanks for bringing ‘Mounds’ of joy into our lives!” This affordable Father’s Day gift is fun for everyone to make, and it’s so inexpensive, you can spring for a babysitter and movie tickets for a special night out the following weekend!

Dad and son arm wrestling


For busy dads with young kids, a well-planned day of quality time together is just the ticket to a memorable, relaxing Father’s Day. Find a few new, fun ideas for activities that the whole family can participate in together!

The dad with older kids

Teenagers aren’t exactly known for displays of affection–which can make kind gestures on days like Father’s Day even more meaningful. Get your teens involved with these cards and activities!

Card ideas:

  1. This card will get a laugh from teens and Dad, too.
  2. Humor and teens go hand in hand.

Gift ideas:

Give everyone a piece of paper and a pen, and ask them to write down their favorite memories of dad. The letters don’t have to be sappy–but Dad will love knowing which memories his teens have of him, and which moments meant something to them! Purchase an unfinished cigar box (available at most craft stores, or here,) and have everyone sign the box creatively, or decorate it with paint together.


Bring teens out of their shell, and create some memories with Dad today! With the money you saved on a meaningful gift, plan an activity that’s a little out of the ordinary and will engage your teens and Dad. Try paintballing, a fishing trip at a local pond, archery rentals, or a day at the nickel arcade, depending on what everyone likes best!

The aging dad

Woman sitting with old man

Spending quality time and reliving memories with Dad is a great way to enjoy the day with an older father this year. And these affordable ideas will make the day special with only a little spending!

Card ideas:

  1. Remind him that no matter how much time passes, he’ll always be your dad.
  2. This card is both silly and sweet!

Gift ideas:

Take Dad on a walk down memory lane by putting together a book of your favorite family photos and memories. It’s easy to create a cost effective (but beautiful!) Father’s Day gift full of memories on websites like Shutterfly (books start at just $15.99). Include one of the cards above and tell him how much the memories have meant to you over the years!


Take Dad to a family favorite restaurant, or cook a favorite meal together, then go for a walk together and catch up on what’s new for both of you. The faster time flies, the less time there seems to be to just enjoy a meal and talk!

The dad who has it all

He has everything, sure–but the most important part of his life is the people who love him! Show him how much you care with these affordable, meaningful Father’s Day gifts and activities.

Card ideas:

  1. He might have everything—but not this card!
  2. Even the dad who has everything needs a card like this.

Gift ideas:

He might have everything, but he’ll love a special touch added to something he already owns! Find an object that he owns and loves–a particular hammer, a fishing pole, etc. Have it engraved, with a quote he loves or just his name.


Quality time is the one thing the Dad who has everything can never get enough of. So plan some quality time together on Father’s Day doing something you both enjoy, or just taking a drive or a walk. If it’s possible, take it to the next level and head out to the lake for a quiet fishing trip, or meal together.

The dad at heart

Dog dad

Card ideas:

  1. A sweet saying for a special big brother, friend, or father figure.
  2. A bold and funky card.

Gift ideas:

Show the father figure or special man in your life that you care by having lunch sent to his office or home the Friday prior to Father’s Day, with a note thanking him for the positive way he’s impacted your life. (Earlier in the week, make sure to give him a heads up that he shouldn’t make lunch plans that day!) If possible, stop by to deliver it yourself and say hello.


Depending on your relationship with this father figure, simply stopping by to say hello can be incredibly meaningful. Let him know you’d like to stop by and say hello in advance, and spend some time catching up on life. Bring him his favorite treat, or a good old fashioned plate of cookies to thank him for the positive role he’s played in your life.

No matter how you celebrate your dad, or the important men in your life this Father’s Day, we hope it’s full of good memories, good food, and good fun! For more activities (especially for fathers with young families or aging fathers) to make this the best Father’s Day ever, check out our list of fun, family friendly activities!

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