Heel Pain Prevention

If you struggle with heel pain every day, you’re probably thinking more about treating pain today than preventing it in the future. However, when it comes to plantar fasciitis, preventative treatments can have a huge impact in the long term. Without maintaining plantar fasciitis prevention, symptoms reoccur again and again. After all, preventing heel pain is much easier than treating it. Here are some easy tips for prevention.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Monitoring your body weight is one of the best methods for heel pain prevention. The more you weigh, the more pressure you put on your feet when you walk. This makes it more difficult for the fat pad to protect the plantar fascia. If the fat pad cannot protect your plantar fascia, you are more at risk for heel pain. Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight is key to maintaining healthy feet. Weight loss is challenging, especially for those who are already struggling with heel pain, but the combination of low impact exercise and a healthy diet will help shed the extra pounds.

Stretch Your Feet and Calves Before You Workout

Preventing injuries begins with being prepared, especially when it comes to working out. Make sure that you stretch before you exercise. Calf stretches with your toe pointed upward are particularly beneficial for your feet. Not only will they make your exercise easier, but they will also prevent heel pain that could result from muscles that are too tight.

Wear The Right Gear

Lastly, the right gear is vital to your heel pain prevention. It is important to avoid shoes that do not fit well and shoes that are worn out because they do not provide your feet with the proper support needed to avoid injury. Walking and running barefoot can also pose a risk to the feet, especially for people who have high arches.

For shoes that are not naturally supportive like skating shoes and ballet flats, protective and cushioning shoe inserts can provide additional support to the feet and the fat pad of the heel.

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