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Shock Doctor Footbed shoe inserts are a common product for those who are looking to add support to their shoes. Although Shock Doctor Footbeds are a relatively common brand, their effectiveness as a heel pain treatment product is somewhat misleading. These shoe inserts were originally designed as shock absorbers to mainly help athletes while they played sports. However, their usefulness in treating very common, yet painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis is very limited and at best can provide only temporary, short term relief but does not resolve the problem in the long term.

Typically, Shock Doctor products are designed for comfort, not for treating painful ailments such as heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. This is why many Shock Doctor products are intended to be used while playing sports and hiking, not for treating current agonizing episodes of plantar fasciitis. Unlike Shock Doctor, this is what HTP Heel Seats are specifically designed and intended to do.

Shock Doctor Footbed insoles could be effective as a preventative measure against heel pain. For example, if you play sports and have shoes that lack the proper support, Shock Doctor Footbeds may add comfort and add the support your feet need while playing sports. These products can absorb some of the impact that hits the feet under excessive exercise. However, this discomfort can be avoided if you choose shoes that fit your feet properly prior to playing sports, while also making sure to ease into an exercise routine in order to avoid placing sudden strain on the ligaments and muscles in the foot.

In addition, Shock Doctor Footbeds have another limitation. For those who are currently suffering from foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis you want to use a product that not only gives your foot the added support and cushioning that it needs to combat the discomfort of foot and heel pain, but you also want a product that is specifically designed to treat your ailment so that the pain and discomfort goes away successfully and quickly. Unlike Shock Doctor, HTP Heel Seats are specifically designed to treat a number of heel pain conditions. They are made of KRATON™ which is a strong, durable, and washable material that is designed to meet the stringent anatomical configurations of each person’s foot. Unlike Shock Doctor Footbeds, these are not designed to simply add comfort; HTP is designed as a long term treatment method against plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and related foot ailments.

If you are currently suffering from foot or heel pain and are seeking an actual treatment, and not just temporary relief, then HTP Heel Seats are a more effective choice over Shock Doctor Footbeds. HTP Heel seats are recommended more often by doctors than Shock Doctor insoles and have a 99.7% success rate in reversing painful heel and foot ailments. Before choosing a product to stop heel pain, make sure you choose a product that is specifically designed to meet your individual needs. Orthotics that are used for extreme sports, or those that are simply intended to be shock absorbers, say nothing about their ability to treat painful symptoms and reverse aching ailments that are interfering in your daily lifestyle. This is why professional athletes such as NBA basketball stars John Starks and Jason Kidd trust HTP Heel Seats over other products that do not deliver the same level of pain relief.

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