Heel That Pain Vs. Shock Doctor Insoles

If you suffer from heel pain or plantar fasciitis, you might have heard a lot of buzz about Shock Doctor insoles.

What’s the buzz all about? What products does Shock Doctor make? How do Shock Doctor orthotic inserts compare to Heel Seats? The answers to these questions can help you make the best decision possible for your feet!

What Products Does Shock Doctor Make?

Shock Doctor is an athletic equipment and apparel brand that offers a wide variety of products including mouthguards, chin straps, performance apparel including hoodies and hats, gloves, and even laundry detergent. Several of Shock Doctor’s products, particularly the brand’s mouthguards, are considered to be some of the best sports-protection equipment on the market.

Shock doctor also sells a line of orthotic inserts, branded as the perfect combination of traction, comfort, support, and stability. This line of insoles is geared primarily toward endurance athletes, as a preventative product to help stave off injuries during high-impact sports and activities like marathon running.

Are Shock Doctor Inserts Effective for Plantar Fasciitis?

Shock Doctor inserts were originally designed as shock absorbers to give athletes an extra layer of cushioning and shock absorption while they played high-impact sports. In other words, these orthotic inserts weren’t made especially for plantar fasciitis pain.

While almost any orthotic insole (including Shock Doctor!) can offer some degree of short-term pain relief from plantar fasciitis, the key word is temporary. Long-term healing and pain relief requires cushioning that holds its structure under pressure (most foam and gel orthotics don’t!) while addressing the root of plantar fasciitis pain by actually realigning the arch, bones, and ligaments of the foot.

Shock Doctor Vs. Heel Seats

Shock Doctor insoles are full-length orthotics, which means that they are meant to be worn as a replacement for your shoe’s existing insoles, rather than on top of your shoe’s existing insoles.

While Shock Doctor’s Sports Insoles aren’t made specifically to treat and relief the pain of plantar fasciitis, they can be helpful as a preventative by adding some additional cushioning, shock absorption, and arch support to the footbed of your shoes.

Heel Seats differ from Shock Doctor insoles in a few significant ways, the most important being that Heel Seats were developed specifically to treat plantar fasciitis–and are clinically proven in double-blind studies by the University of Iowa to be twice as effective as other leading orthotic brands. It’s the difference between sitting in a padded office chair, and sitting in an office chair that’s been rigorously designed with lumbar support and ergonomics in mind!

All of the following features set Heel Seats apart from other orthotic inserts and insoles, including Shock Doctor:

  • Patented Fascia-Bar Technology, which lifts and aligns the arch of the foot to an optimal height for shock absorption and impact distribution
  • Guaranteed effective for three full months. That means insert’s cushioning and structure won’t collapse, change shape, or flatten, even with the most rigorous use!
  • Developed over 30 years to treat plantar fasciitis by renowned podiatrist Art Smuckler, C. Ped, OST
  • Slim profile, so your shoes don’t feel smaller or cramped
  • Treats the cause and the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, for pain relief and long-term healing
  • Realignment and cushioning support encourages the fat pad of the heel to rebuild itself
  • Targeted acupressure relieves “hot spots” on the foot, and patented shape cushions and soothes painful feet and heels 100% guaranteed–or your money back.

There’s no question that Shock Doctor is a good brand. And if you’re looking for a mouthguard, look no further! But when it comes to treating debilitating pain from plantar fasciitis, you need an orthotic insert that treats the cause and the symptoms of heel pain–not to mention cost effective, clinically proven and 100% guaranteed.

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