Speco Heel Cushion Insert Comparison

Spenco insoles are a common brand of supportive orthotics. For those who are suffering from common foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, Spenco insoles may be taken into consideration when looking for a conservative, yet effective way to treat pain. However, when suffering from heel pain it is important to choose a product that addresses the specific ailment that is causing the discomfort. Often times, Spenco products may not address the specific condition that is plaguing your foot so it is crucial that a product is chosen based on its ability to meet your individual needs and its ability to relieve pain.

Spenco offers a wide variety of different products ranging from insoles to shoe laces to cycling gloves. Spenco even offers products that include ointment to treat cuts, burns, and bruises. With so many products available they are capable of treating conditions that go far beyond those in the foot. Yet despite the extensive product range Spenco insoles lose ground in terms of their ability to treat specific heel pain conditions and do not integrate important treatment methods into the design of their insoles.

There are several different products that Spenco offers that are intended to relieve heel pain, including pain from heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. However, many of these add only minimal relief. Support and cushioning is the main focus of many of their insoles. However, many of these insoles shortcomings are that they do not directly treat the actual causes of foot pain.

Unlike Spenco, HTP Heel Seats provide a direct treatment for heel pain symptoms. Incorporated in every Heel Seat is the patented Fascia Bar. This component is specifically designed, and has been clinically proven, to physically re-stretch the plantar fascia ligament and help treat the inflammation and pain that is associated with plantar fasciitis. Spenco products have no such component incorporated in their inserts. Their insoles focus more on cushioning and providing a temporary, short term treatment of plantar fasciitis and heel spur symptoms compared with the long term treatment that HTP Heel Seats can provide.

Additionally, the thin material that makes up Spenco products is much different than the tough, durable material that HTP Heel Seats are made with. KRATON� is designed to meet the anatomical configurations of your foot, while being able to flex and move seamlessly with the movements of your foot during everyday activities. This material has been researched and developed for the sole purpose of being able to integrate into your daily lifestyle while providing the right amount of acupressure to help ease pain and reverse inflammation on the plantar fascia or the development of a bony spur.

Another key advantage that HTP Heel Seats have over Spenco insoles is the unconditional guarantee that we offer on our products. If you are unsatisfied with our Heel Seats we offer an unconditional money back guarantee. On top of that, we also allow you to return your Heel Seats and get a brand new pair free of charge in the event of any problem you may have with your particular pair.

Although Spenco offers a wide product range which includes shoe polish and other shoe related products, those who suffer from a specific heel pain ailment may be better off with a product that is more focused and dedicated to their specific needs and conditions. With a 99.7% success rate in treating heel pain associated with heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and related foot conditions, HTP Heel Seats offer pain sufferers more than simple support and cushioning. HTP is a long term, clinically proven treatment method. The design of our Heel Seats not only gives support to the critical components of the foot, but also is intended to reverse the painful effects of many of today’s common foot and heel pain ailments.

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