Home Remedies for Treating Heel Pain


The cost of injuries can be expensive. By the time you see the doctor and pay for the medications or products suggested, your out of pocket costs are likely to be high. Those that suffer from plantar fasciitis are familiar with this. Often times this injury is difficult to treat and one visit to the doctor will not solve the problem. Therefore, it might be a good idea to try home remedies.

Decrease Your Miles

One idea is to decrease the number of miles you are exercising/running daily. This can make a huge difference on the pain you feel as a result of your plantar fasciitis. Sometimes you might be overdoing it. Calming down a little bit could do the trick.

Switch Exercises

Another idea is to change exercises. High impact exercises like jogging and aerobics put a lot of stress on your feet. This can increase your heel pain. Instead, try lower impact activities like swimming or utilizing the elliptical machine.

Stretch Your Arches

Another idea to help with your plantar fasciitis is to perform simple stretches. This home remedy can be done when you are sitting around the house. You can stand and stretch your arch using the help of a household object, or stretch the arch while you are sitting. Either option will help decrease the pain.

Ice Your Feet

Applying a cloth-covered ice pack to the bottom of your feet will help to decrease the inflammation from plantar fasciitis. You can perform this home remedy for 15 to 20 minutes 3 to 4 times per day. In addition, you can also freeze a water-filled ice cup. Once it is frozen, you can use the cup to give your foot an ice massage.

Put Your Feet Up

Staying off your feet is a great option to take away plantar fasciitis pain. Therefore, if your pain becomes unbearable, use a pillow to elevate your feet and relax.

Golf Ball Massage

Lastly, many plantar fasciitis patients often use a golf ball to massage the bottom of their foot. This home remedy is often effective because it stretches the plantar fascia and decreases the adhesions in the area.

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