Plantar Fasciitis Laser Treatment

Laser treatments are becoming popular today for treating a variety of different medical conditions. Many dermatologists actually rely on lasers to help them successfully fix many of the issues their patients deal with. Recently, podiatrists have been experimenting with the effects of laser treatments to help combat the problems associated with plantar fasciitis.

About Laser Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

The low-laser therapy that most plantar fasciitis patients receive is an FDA approved form of treatment. During the treatment, a light beam is placed on the injured area in an effort to affect cellular metabolism, protein synthesis, wound healing, and immune response. The hope is that all of this will fight the inflammation in the fascia, reduce heel pain, and increase recovery time. According to some doctors, there are people that may feel immediate relief from their pain.

Positive Results of Laser Treatment

In some cases, individuals reported positive results. They noted that this therapy effectively removed their pain. And they even commented that they were able to use the elliptical without pain. However, this information is somewhat questionable because most people that suffer from plantar fasciitis are able to use the elliptical without pain regardless of light therapy. This type of activity is considered low-impact and does not typically cause pain on the fascia or heels.

Negative Results of Laser Treatment

One group conducted a study on this low-laser therapy. They compared the results of the laser treatment against a control group. After a month, the authors of the study concluded that the treatment was ineffective. Both groups saw no progress or treatment in terms of their plantar fasciitis. Interestingly, this is not the first study that found laser treatments to be ineffective.

Side Effects

Lastly, the side effects due to laser treatments for plantar fasciitis appear to be minimal. Most people experience tenderness due to the treatment. Besides that, the other side effects were minor or non-existent.

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