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Why do runners get plantar fasciitis so easily?

Plantar fasciitis (more on: plantar fasciitis) is especially prone to develop in athletes and runners as a result of extensive running and exercise. Plantar fasciitis occurs when the long, flat ligament on the bottom of the foot (Plantar Fascia) stretches irregularly and develops small tears that cause the ligament to become inflamed. The pain that results from this irritation is usually most noticeable in the morning after getting out of bed. Putting sudden weight on the inflamed area after long periods of rest will cause stress on the area and sudden, aching pain will ensue. However, pain should subside after a while of walking on the foot.

Athletes and runners are particularly prone to developing plantar fasciitis

Stress and tension on the plantar fascia ligament is what causes this condition to develop. Running long distances or putting repetitive pounding on the heel of the foot during exercise often are huge factors that can add excessive stress to the heel of the foot, therefore contributing to development of plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis in runners

When feeling this type of pain, it is best to stop running. Additional and unnecessary strain on the heel will aggravate the area even more, and cause the pain to become even more severe. To exercise without putting strain on the inflamed plantar fascia, it is recommended that alternative activities be done as an alternative to running. Swimming and pool exercises are ideal as long as no strain is put on the heel of the foot. There are also exercises that can be done which stretch the plantar fascia and reduce inflammation.

Here are some important tips for runners that may reduce the chances of developing plantar fasciitis:

  • Always stretch before running – Stretching the plantar fascia ligament is a good warm up before putting any sudden stress the heel of the foot during running
  • Change your routine gradually – Do not start running up hills and running aggressively. Ease into a running program and gradually increase distance and difficultly
  • Rest regularly for long routines – When running long distances, it is best to rest intermittently in order to relieve constant stress on the plantar fascia
  • Wear supportive shoes – When running, it is important that runners have good shoes that fit properly and support the heel and arch of the foot
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