Copper Knee Sleeves

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Knee Sleeve


Copper Knee Sleeves compress your knees, making walking, running, or sitting still less painful. This external brace gives your knee extra comfort. Don’t be dragged down by feeling that your knees just aren’t up to it anymore, instead take back your life! 

Sizing Info: Measure your thigh 5″ above the center of the knee. Size Medium fits 15.5″-17″ and size Large fits 17.5″-19″

Right now, we’re only able to offer M or L in sizing but plan on offering more sizes in the near future. Copper Knee Sleeves are sold as a pair.

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Knee SleeveKnee SleeveKnee Sleeve

Get relief for your knee pain today!

With the extra support of Copper Knee Sleeves, you’ll be feeling better immediately. These sleeves work through compression, helping to increase your blood flow. These sleeves simply pull up and over your knee. Their snugness counteracts fatigue for your everyday or active life.

  • Easy-to-use: simply slip the compression sleeves on.
  • Whether you’ve had knee surgery or just suffer from mild knee pain, cooper sleeves help prevent or relieve your symptoms.
  • They’ll stop your knees from popping and cracking.
  • Cooper sleeves makes strolling in your neighborhood, running, or sitting at the movies less painful
  • With more knee stabilization via compression, you’ll experience decreased muscle fatigue.
  • Minimal absorption of copper through your skin can assist in bone density, boost your immune system, and benefit cognitive functions.
  • 100% guaranteed — if they don’t work for you, ship them back for a full refund.

Unfortunately, due to their design, Copper Knee Sleeves are not washable. We recommend replacing your sleeves every one to three months, depending on frequency of use and how active you are.

How does compression increase blood flow?

Increase blood flow will boost how you feel, and certainly assist in turning your knee from cranky to ready to do what you need to. If you’re an athlete, you understand the importance of blood flow in preventing cramping and muscle fatigue. But not only athletes can benefit from the support of compression knee sleeves.

You want the flow of blood from your knee to your heart and back again to be as unrestricted as possible. The blood traveling back to your heart will be deoxygenated with lactic acid and other waste products. The blood flowing from your heart to your knee will be oxygenated by your lungs.

When wearing a compression sleeve, the slight pressure fights gravity by allowing veins to more easily return blood to your heart. Consistent, optimal compression increases blood flow up to 40% during activity and 30% during recovery. By increasing blood flow, you will prevent lactic acid buildup and cramping.

Blood flow optimization through compression can also benefit those with swelling issues due to surgery or other medical conditions. A compression knee sleeve and elevating your feet is winning combination.

Additionally, compression will help stabilize the muscle and decrease the amount of muscular vibration, resulting in decreased fatigue. When you’re pounding the pavement or a treadmill, your knees often bare excess vibration as you stay upright and moving. Compression will absorb these vibrations and keep you going longer!