Deluxe Holiday Gift Bundle

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Deluxe Heel Pain Gift Kit


Spoil your loved ones (or yourself!) with this incredible gift bundle. Normally $77.75, we’re offering more than 20% off for the holidays!

Deluxe Foot Spa Kit contains:

  • 1 Pair Ice Therapy Slippers
  • 1 Pair Compression Socks
  • 1 Pair Toe Separators
  • Foot Massage Ball
  • EXCLUSIVE – Foot Soak Salts (approximately 2 uses)
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Ice SlippersFoot Massage BallYoga Toes, Toe SeparatorSocksFoot Spa Salt

You can’t beat this holiday deal! Functional and luxurious, this gift bundle is perfect for anyone active or struggling with foot or heel pain. There’s nothing like taking your shoes off after a long day and pampering your feet with ice, massage, stretching, and a hot foot soak.

  • 1 Pair Ice Therapy Slippers – These Ice Slippers make icing heel pain more convenient than ever before. Stick them in the freezer for a few hours, and then wear them as you watch TV in the evening. They can help quickly reduce inflammation, swelling, fatigue, and pain from plantar fasciitis.
  • 1 Pair Compression Socks – You may love your fuzzy winter socks, but we guarantee these Health Socks are the more comfortable than anything you’ve tried before. Wear them barefoot at home, or at work with your favorite shoes.
  • 1 Pair Toe Separators – Stretch and space your toes, reducing damage caused by wearing toe-pinching shoes. Not only do these help realign your feet, they also feel great!
  • Foot Massage Ball – Who doesn’t love a foot massage? Our Foot Massage Ball can be stored in your nightstand, under your desk at work, or in your purse! The best part is, you get to control the massage with ideal pressure, focused on your pain spots.
  • EXCLUSIVE – Foot Soak Salts – This product is not available anywhere else! Add half of your bag of salt to a hot bath with a few drops of essential oils, or create a foot soak in a bucket.