Ready To Heel That Pain?

The Deluxe Soft Night Splint

A Soft Version of the Night Splint to Treat Heel Pain

HTP Deluxe Soft Night Splints incorporate an all new design that makes them easier to use and more effective at treating heel pain. They are designed to fasten on to the leg and foot with Velcro and adjustable elastic straps for stability. There is a new gel strip and embedded plastic slide to help keep it in place. By positioning the foot at a 90-degree angle, they ensure the plantar fascia muscle is contracted, or shortened. (This prevents painful cramping of the foot and calf muscles.)

Soft Night Splints for Plantar FasciitisLightweight, compact and foldable, HTP Soft Night Splints alleviate pain while promoting healing overnight. As a result, the first steps you take in the morning are pain-free.

Like all HTP products, HTP Soft Night Splints have been clinically tested and endorsed by doctors, athletes and everyday users. Millions of people suffering from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and sore ankles and calves have found lasting relief.

Soft Night Splints are a great alternative to standard night splints, which can feel bulky and cumbersome at times. They work effectively at treating heel pain caused by planter fasciitis and heel spurs by re-stretching the plantar fascia ligament and returning the foot to a healthy state. The soft night splint is easy to apply and remove. It’s made of durable materials which are also machine washable. Wearing a splint has never felt easier than a soft night splint.

Instructions for putting it on can be found here.




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