Holiday Spa Gift Bundle

Celebrate the Season with $10 Savings!

Heel Pain Spa Gift Kit


Pamper your runner friend, mother, or yourself with this affordable gift kit. Our Holiday Spa Kit allows you to take your foot health to the next level – and make it a pampering experience! What could be better — How about a $10 to boot?

The Foot Spa Gift Bundle contains:

  • 1 Pair Ice Therapy Slippers to ice away heel pain and swelling after a long day
  • 1 Pair Toe Separators to stretch and realign your feet as you relax
  • EXCLUSIVE – Foot Spa Salts – Add half a bag of Foot Spa Salts to your next bath, or to a bucket of hot water to melt away foot soreness. Spa Salts are an exclusive product not available anywhere else!
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