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Toe Separators

Improve plantar fasciitis, bunions, and foot health by spacing and stretching your toes.

Yoga Toes, Toe Separator


Our Toe Separators lift and separate the toes, gently stretching the tendons and realigning the bones and tissues of the foot while you rest! Toe Separators are washable and reusable, hypoallergenic, and 100% guaranteed. Sold in a pair, this product is available in S, M, L, and XL

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Yoga Toes, Toe SeparatorYoga Toes, Toe SeparatorYoga Toes, Toe SeparatorYoga Toes, Toe Separator

Toe Stretchers for Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Pain

Rest is one of the most important components to healing plantar fasciitis and heel pain. And since our Toe Separators should be worn only while you rest your feet, they’re a great way to encourage healing and pain relief while you take a break from physical activity.

Toe Separators can be used in tandem with orthotic inserts as a one-two punch. Use Heel Seats to align and support your plantar fascia ligament during physical activity, and use Toe Separators to gently stretch and align the foot and toes while you rest. Not only will your feet and toes be stronger afterward–they’ll feel great, too!

Benefits for Bunions, Claw Foot, and Hammertoes

Toe Separators also improve painful conditions like claw foot, mallet toes, bunions, and hammertoes. These conditions, commonly caused by tight shoes, lead to misalignment of the muscles and tendons in the foot and result in chronic pain, muscle contraction, and gait abnormalities.

The Toe Separator gently stretches the tendons and muscles of the foot, encouraging the toes to uncurl, separate, and resume a natural position that makes walking and physical activity progressively more comfortable.

Stretch While You Rest

Toe Separators are made to be worn with bare feet (not shoes) while you rest. Incorporate this simple, gentle stretching device into your daily routine to complement and enhance the effectiveness of other natural treatments.

While you relax, our Toe Separators improve your strength and flexibility by guiding feet back to their optimal shape and improving blood circulation to promote healing. For additional relief for inflammation, try freezing Toe Separators!

Improve Foot Health with Simple, Guaranteed Relief

When the toes or feet are misaligned, the rest of the body feels the impact. Whether you suffer from hammertoes, bunions, or plantar fasciitis, the health of your plantar ligaments and muscles have a direct correlation to your ability walk, run, and bear weight properly.

Toe Separators elongate shrunken tendons that have become short and tight, gently encouraging toes to uncurl to a healthy position. Toe stretchers also improve blood flow to the feet, which break down adhesions, improve heel and foot pain, and strengthen muscles and ligaments in the toes and beyond. Like all “Heel That Pain” products, our Toe Separators come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Toe Stretchers are made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic SEBS (styrene-ethylene /butylene-styrene) and can be easily washed in cold water with mild, non-antibacterial soap.