Encourage Walmart to sell the Heel That Pain Heel Seats

Would you like to buy Heel Seats from your local Walmart retail stores? Many HTP customers do too. So many customers are requesting to buy Heel Seats at Walmart that it’s become one of the suggested search terms in Google!

HTP Wal Mart

Currently Walmart is only selling generic heel cushions. We agree with you, it would be great if they carried our unique and patented treatments to help customers overcome heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and heel spurs.

Each month we recieve emails, phone calls, and letters asking us to sell our products at Walmart. While we have reached out to Walmart we haven’t recived any word back yet. If you’d like to encourage them to carry the HTP product line you can call them at: 1-800-925-6278.

We’ll keep everyone updated with our correspondence and let you know when you can buy HTP at Walmart!

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