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Our story begins with thirty long, patient years of dedicated research by a world-class physician who had set himself the task of developing an invention that would relieve plantar fasciitis sufferers from acute and chronic heel pain. After three decades of design and testing, the Fascia-Bar™ was perfected and Heel That Pain was founded upon being awarded the patent for this revolutionary medical technology.

The year was 2001 and Heel That Pain’s founding members made the decision to take Fascia-Bar technology directly to potential customers via the burgeoning medium of the Internet. Our first customers began trying our plantar fasciitis inserts and experienced such amazing symptom reduction that word-of-mouth powered our growing reputation, more than any other form of marketing. In other words, Fascia-Bar orthotics proved so effective that they truly sold themselves!

Over a decade later, it is our greatest source of pride to be able to share that our product line, including best-selling HTP Heel Seats, has helped over half-a-million customers stand, walk and run again without heel pain. It is the remarkable loyalty of our customers and the power of consumer demand which have resulted in our Fascia-Bar orthotics taking a giant step beyond our company website to being sold by major retailers on an international scale.

To every valued Heel That Pain customer, we say ‘thank you’ for helping us build our company while we’ve helped you regain your health!

How Fascia-Bar Technology Resolves Our Customers’ Painful Problems

Plantar fasciitis is cited as the number one cause of heel pain. In this condition, the plantar fascia ligament, which spans the arch of the foot, becomes subject to improper flexion, inflammation and small tears. Simultaneously, repeat stresses on the fatty pad supporting the heel cause it to wear down. Hard deposits of calcium, called bone spurs, may form on the heel, prodding the heel padding. Each step taken by the plantar fasciitis sufferer is accompanied by mild-to-severe pain and the condition can become debilitating if left untreated.

The Fascia-Bar technology present in Heel That Pain’s inserts, wraps and splints realigns the plantar fascia ligament to its proper position while providing therapeutic acupressure and cushioning to the heel bone. This combination not only provides rapid relief from pain, but also stimulates the human body’s natural ability to heal itself. In essence, the typical customer experiences progressive recovery with each step they take wearing our patented Fascia-Bar products. Our top orthotic, HTP Heel Seats, has a satisfaction rating of over 90%.

The potential for a natural method of healing from plantar fasciitis is especially meaningful to people who have been diagnosed with this condition. Other methods of treatment include medications, injections and surgeries. Discovering that it’s possible to recover by means of a simple combination of rest, icing, foot stretches and the use of a comfortable orthotic insert results in a substantial reduction of emotional and financial concerns. Heel That Pain’s product line is priced to be easily affordable to most people and we receive daily emails from new customers thanking us both for our fair pricing and their release from pain!

In addition to offering life-changing orthotics, Heel That Pain provides a patient helpline at (877) 215-3200. Please call us with your questions about our company and our products.

How We View Company Growth As An Opportunity For Enhanced Social Responsibility

Heel That Pain brings high standards of corporate social responsibility to the marketplace. Customers and resellers see added value in doing business with Heel That Pain because of the following company attributes:

  • A portion of every product sale goes toward Samaritans Feet, a charitable organization that enables us to help people in less fortunate regions receive our products for free and walk without heel pain.
  • We advocate the highest standards of free trade and believe in optimal working conditions for both our own employees and the employees of our manufacturing partners.
  • Our products are never tested on animals.
  • We take environmental concerns into account in the manufacture and packaging of our products.
  • We offer abundant free education for plantar fasciitis sufferers on our website.
  • Our products have been endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association and are Doctor Approved.

As Heel That Pain continues to grow, we are committed to seeking increased opportunities for making positive societal impacts. We continue to derive tremendous satisfaction on a daily basis from the testimonials of customers who confide in us that our orthotics have changed their lives.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company. Please contact us, using the form below, so that we may answer your important questions.

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