Introducing the brand new Insole Sticky Tape

Keep your orthotic inserts securely in place


Sick of orthotic inserts slipping and sliding inside of your shoe? You’ll love our new Insole Sticky Tape!

  • Double-sided adhesive designed specifically to hold your orthotic inserts securely in place
  • Never deal with inserts shifting or moving
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Free US shipping

This product is a one-size-fits-most design, working with sizes Women’s 4 / Men’s 5 all the way to Women’s 14 / Men’s 13.

Two pairs included!

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How to use this product

Insole Adhesives are surprisingly easy to use! Peel off the backing from one side of the product. Insert it into the heel area of your shoe, sticky side down. Remove the tape backing from the top of the Sticky Tap and place your Heel Seat (or other shoe insert) firmly on top. Apply pressure into the insert for 10-20 seconds to allow the adhesive to bind. Put on your shoes and enjoy inserts that never slip or slide!