BOGO 50% off Full Length Heel Seats with Arch Support

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If you have high, flat, or unstable arches, your feet are less effective at absorbing and distributing impact–and more likely to develop plantar fasciitis! Get the extra support and cushioning you need with Full Length Heel Seats:

  • Slim profile for a perfect fit in almost any pair of closed-heel shoes
  • Spans the entire length of your shoe for stay-put support
  • Fascia-Bar Technology lifts and realigns flat or high arches to an optimal height
  • Extra cushioning and 360-degree support
  • Acupressure and cushioning support stimulate your body’s natural ability to heal micro-injuries and strain
  • Antibacterial, washable material (hand wash with cold water) stays strong for 3 months
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Realign Your Flat or High Arches with Fascia-Bar Technology

High or flat arches can’t absorb and distribute impact correctly, which can mean heel pain, tears, and plantar fasciitis. Full Length Heel Seats use patented, clinically proven Fascia-Bar Technology to gently realign the arch to a proper height to help you absorb the impact of walking, running, and jumping without straining or injuring your feet and heels.

If you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis as a result of high, flat, or unstable arches, wearing full-length orthotics is one of the best ways to soothe painful heels and promote healing naturally.

Extra Cushioning, Motion Control, and Support

High, flat, or unstable arches need extra support, motion control, and cushioning to stay pain- and injury-free.

Full Length Heel Seats offer cushioned 360-degree motion control that spans the entire length of your foot. Simply slide Full Length Heel Seats into almost any pair of closed-heel shoes and enjoy the activities you love without worrying about pain or injury caused by an unstable arch or plantar fasciitis.

Specialized Support for a Fraction of the Price

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you probably know all too well that custom orthotics for flat or high arches can cost as much as $300.

But what you might not know is that Full Length Heel Seats with Fascia-Bar Technology are clinically proven twice as effective as other leading orthotic brands–and every bit as effective as expensive custom orthotics–for BOGO 50% off when you buy two!

Full-Length Arch Support with a Slim Profile

Unlike heel cups, Full Length Heel Seats span the full length of your shoe, so they’ll never slip or slide. Runners and athletes especially love this stay-put support that’s slim enough to fit inside almost any pair of closed-heel shoes without cramping your toes or sizing up your footwear!

Promote Natural Healing with Cushioning That Doesn’t Quit

Full Length Heel Seats help relieve the pain from plantar fasciitis while also treating the root of the problem–unstable, damaged, or unhealthy arches.

Unlike flimsy foam inserts, Full Length Heel Seats’ sturdy cushioning and acupressure points soothe inflamed tissue for a guaranteed 3 months, while prompting the heel’s own fat pad to regenerate and recushion areas of the foot that have become worn down and stressed.

Guaranteed Effective — Or Your Money Back

Our Full Length Heel Seats are the result of 30 years’ research and testing. We’re proud to report that 9 out of 10 customers enjoy significant or complete relief from their heel pain.

Wondering if you’re the 1 out of 10? We’ve got you covered. All Heel That Pain products are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. Get back on your feet and enjoy running, standing, and walking again–or send your Heel Seats back to us for a full refund.