Save $10 on The Plantar Fasciitis Essentials Kit

Discount Bundle Includes Original Heel Seats and Ice Slippers

Ice Slipper Heel Seat Combo


Serious pain requires a serious treatment plan. Fight plantar fasciitis from two angles with this affordable bundle.

This bundle deal includes:

  • 1 pair of Original Heel Seats to provide long-term pain relief by realigning your plantar fascia ligament and applying targeted acupressure (normally $24.95 per pair)
  • 1 pair of Ice Therapy Slippers provide immediate relief by numbing the affected area and reducing inflammation and swelling (normally $19.95 per pair)

Save $10 when you buy them together in this plantar fasciitis treatment kit!

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Everything You Need to Treat Your Plantar Fasciitis in One Kit

Our Plantar Fasciitis Essentials Kit has everything you need to start your journey to healing. In this pack you will receive:

1 Pair of Original Heel Seats

Original Heel Seats are an all-natural plantar fasciitis solution containing our patented and clinically proven Fascia Bar technology, invented by world-famous podiatrist Dr. Art Smuckler. These inserts easily slip into most styles of shoes over the original insole, and gently lift the compromised plantar fascia ligament back into alignment. The Fascia Bar also provides targeted acupressure to the heel bone, which stimulates the human body’s natural ability to heal itself.

1 Pair of Ice Therapy Slippers

Icing is one of the top recommended home remedies for heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis and spurs. It works by numbing the affected area and temporarily constricting blood vessels to reduce swelling and pain. However, it can be tricky to ice the bottom of your feet because of the awkward positioning, or uncomfortable if you use an ice bath. Ice Therapy Slippers provide an easy and more comfortable solution to icing your feet.

Plantar fasciitis is a serious condition which requires a wholistic treatment approach. Combining regular use of Heel Seats with daily icing increases the overall level of heel pain relief.