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Help your feet with these 100% guaranteed orthotics. They’re made for daily wear and will keep going wherever your feet may take you. Our clinically-proven insoles are two times more effective in reducing your heel pain and Plantar Fasciitis than leading brands.

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Let the Heel Seats go to work on your heel pain today!

With Heel Seats Foot Orthotics, most people experience a reduction in heel pain within 30 days of regular use. These non-prescription inserts are designed to sit inside your shoe and support your heel and feet. Whether you’re running marathons, walking in your neighborhood, or on your feet at work, these inserts will allow you mobility freedom. Simply slip them into your shoes and go.

Heel That Pain customers report a satisfaction rate of more than 90% when using Heel Seats to reduce heel pain. Say goodbye to the pain, and hello to a more active you.

  • Full support with 360-degree motion control for better posture and comfort while standing, walking, and running.
  • Invented by Dr. Art Smuckler, C. Ped, OST
  • Made from special HTP-Science™ Rubber
  • Fits easily into any closed heel shoe.
  • Just toss them into the washing machine for easy cleaning.
  • 100% guaranteed — if they don’t work for you, ship them back for a full refund.
  • Clinically proven and backed by science to help reduce symptoms for plantar fasciitis in an all-natural way.


Over-the-counter Heel Seats Orthotics provide support and relief

Fascia Bar Heel Pain Without Orthotic Insert Fascia Bar Heel Pain Orthotic Insert




The Before and After of Heel Seats

“I have suffered from reoccurring Plantar Fasciitis for many years. The pain when walking — can’t really call it walking, more of a painful hobbling — has been extreme. The next treatment for this condition, after the drugs and injections I have had, would be a long stay in the hospital for surgery, which I was totally dreading.

“Took the Heel Seats out of the packaging, looked at them, and thought, ‘Well, is this IT?’ Put them in my shoes, and within 10 minutes was WALKING. Yes, WALKING — not a hobble. A walk, WITHOUT ANY PAIN. Thank you, thank you, and my FEET THANK YOU. These are truly, truly, two ‘Little Blue Miracles.'”


How Heel Seats Foot Orthotics differ from flimsy cushion support

When you first wear these, you’ll notice that these insoles, while made of soft Kraton™, feel firmer than gels or cheap cushions from the drug store. Kraton repels sweat, moisture, and bacteria while preventing slipping and sliding inside your shoes.

Heel Seats work to target your pain instead of masking it. Typical cushioning a short-term solution. Whereas Heel Seats use a patented Fascia-Bar insert to target the nerves of your feet. This allows your body to begin to heal damage without surgery, medications, or other costly and drastic solutions.

Heel Seats are two times as effective as a treatment method compared to leading brand orthotics, including Dr. Scholls.

Heel Seats may feel initially harder than other products. If you have extremely sensitive feet, try our Gel Heel Seats. Heel Seats are meant for flat feet and normal arches. For high arches, try our High Arch Full Length Heel Seats.


Plantar Fasciitis Bar Medical Illustration

Patented and Proven Fascia-Bar Technology


How Heel Seats contribute to long-term success for heel pain sufferers

Listen to your feet, even when the pain “isn’t too bad” or happens only intermittently. Heel Seats help stimulate your feet through acupressure. The Fascia-Bar insert works to stretch and strengthen the plantar fascia ligament into a healthy position. Meanwhile, Heel Seats are designed to increase the density of the natural fat pad under the heel to soothe the pain away. 

natural fat pad of the heel natural fat pad of the heel with orthotic support
The heel bone (calcaneus) becomes agitated and painful. The Fascia-Bar supports the fat pad, adding extra cushioning which can be helpful for those who have a thin or worn fat pad. 


Which Pair of Heel Seats Is Your Perfect Fit?

All feet are unique — which is why we’ve created a new orthotic insert to help you find your perfect fit!. Find a firmness that’s right for you by using this helpful chart:

Whether you prefer our firmer Original Heel Seats, softer Gel Heel Seats, or the new Hybrid Heel Seats, you can feel confident knowing that every pair of Heel Seats we make includes our patented Fascia-Bar Technology — which makes them twice as effective as leading orthotic brands!


Heel That Pain Heel Seats Reviews

Heel Seats have amazing reviews on Amazon because we have a time-tested product and a customer-focused approach. Heel Seats have four out of five stars on Amazon, with over 4800 positive reviews! Click here to read real customer reviews and see photos of the product. (Note, this is an affiliate link so we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase on Amazon)

So, what do customers love about Heel Seats?

Emily, a new parent with heel pain says,

Your heel seats are AMAZING. I have three pairs now and they are the only thing that have been reliably effective in holding off postpartum plantar fasciitis pain. I’m still able to carry/wear my babies as my body and joints get back to normal, and walk and hike and do what I love. So grateful to the friend who told me about your product.

Customer Brook has tried many different types of orthotic inserts, but Heel Seats were the only thing that really worked:

Your inserts are amazing. I have purchases and used 101 different inserts none compare to the relief I have gotten from yours. I instantly had less pain walking then I have had for years. I am super excited to be able to walk with less pain and hopefully no pain in the near future. These are awesome.

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