Heel That Pain with a Sock Night Splint

A softer, more comfortable night splint for morning heel pain!



Our Sock Night Splint provides the same relief as a traditional Night Splint, but is far more comfortable and easy to wear. Slip it on in seconds and it holds your foot in a stretched position, providing morning plantar fasciitis relief. Sock Night Splints are sold one in a pack (1).

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What is a Sock Night Splint?

If you’ve ever woken up in the morning with heel pain, you know how debilitating it can be. You’re not alone! Morning heel pain is one of the most common symptoms of conditions like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. You may be doing everything right — stretching your feet daily, wearing orthotics in every pair of shoes, and icing your feet after activity. But sometimes, your feet need a little love during the night too!

You may be asking yourself what a Sock Night Splint is and how it differs from other night splints that you may have seen or heard about. The sock night splint is a lightweight device that is worn at night to help reduce pain in the heel of the foot. Unlike other night splints on the market which are bulky and can be hard to put on, the Sock Night Splint is a simple two-piece design, with a comfortable compression sock and a plastic splint. To put it on, just hold the splint to the bottom of your foot so it gently presses upward into your arch, and slip the sock over both the splint and your foot.

A Night Splint that is Fast Acting, Clinically Proven, and 100% Guaranteed

The Sock Night Splint provides relief for plantar fasciitis and morning heel pain. Unlike traditional night splints and braces, our Sock Splint is lightweight and comfortable to wear, made from soft materials. They do not involve a bulky boot, Velcro straps, or pulling on the toes, but instead stretch the plantar fascia ligament with a lightweight plastic splint.

This soft Night Splint is easy to use, keeps your feet cool, and provides a soothing stretch to the arch by applying pressure upward into the arch throughout the night. This puts the plantar fascia ligament in the ideal position, providing morning plantar fasciitis relief.

This Sock Night Splint is Perfect For:

  • Heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis or heel spurs
  • Severe heel or foot pain first thing in the morning
  • Wearing all throughout the night or while you are watching TV

We are so confident you’ll love your Sock Night Splint that we offer a 100% guarantee. If you aren’t a fan of night braces or night splint boots, but want the same effective morning pain relief, this soft Sock Night Splint is perfect for you.

How long do you have to wear a night splint?

Night splints are best worn overnight for the duration of your sleep — that might be somewhere between 6-9 hours. But they can also be beneficial to wear when you’re at rest, but not actually sleeping. If you’re doing a movie marathon with the kids this weekend, prop your feet up on an ottoman or stool, and wear your Sock Splint for a few hours as you relax.

As long as you are experiencing heel pain in the morning or daytime, the Sock Night Splint can be a constructive tool. If you get to a point where you are no longer feeling pain in your heels or feet, feel free to discontinue use and tuck it away so you can find it again should your pain come back.

What others are saying:

Edwardo writes, “I play competitive soccer and flag football… I decided to try this sock split thingy. The very first night I noticed the difference. This thing is great. I love it.”

Tami writes, “I love the night sock splints, I bought 2, and I can feel a big difference. It is also easy to sleep in.”


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