Heel Seat Slippers

Introducing The ONLY Slippers with Fascia-Bar™ Technology

Available Soon!

Traditional slippers can cause or aggravate heel pain. But there’s no need for chilly feet! With NEW Heel Seats Slippers, you can treat your feet to the plush, warm slippers you crave— with the proven, patented arch support you know and love.

  • The first and only medically designed slippers with built-in Fascia-Bar Technology!
  • No-slip treading and waterproof soles for versatile indoor AND outdoor wear
  • Luxury that lasts — high-end materials, leather, and quality construction
  • Slip-on style with a simple, classic shape 

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Cloudlike Comfort + Proven Support

The thin, flat soles of regular slippers can aggravate — or even cause — heel pain and plantar fasciitis. That’s why we made Heel Seat Slippers!

Now you can enjoy all the cozy warmth of traditional slippers — with the same proven arch support you’ll find in every pair of Heel Seats.

Wear Your Heel Seat Slippers Anywhere!

With waterproof rubber soles, non-slip tread, and a subtle heel, Heel Seat Slippers are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Wear them around the house (without making a clatter on hardwood floors!) Or wear them while you run errands in the season’s first snow.

The ONLY Slippers with Patented Fascia-Bar Technology

Treat your feet to the first and ONLY slippers that combine soft, luxurious comfort with built-in Fascia-Bar Technology!

Swaddle your cold toes in a plush layer of faux fur, while you gently lift, support, and realign your arch to relieve heel pain and promote healing.

Stylish Shape, Luxury Materials

Can’t live without your Uggs? Then you’ll love these high-end, classic slippers!

Crafted from double-stitched, water resistant leather and lined with a fine, ultra-soft, faux fur lining, Heel Seat Slippers are the ultimate in comfort, support, and style.

Pre-Order and Save

When you pre-order your Heel Seat Slippers, you’ll automatically save $30!

Just place your order now at a discounted price, and we’ll send you a pair of cozy slippers in the first week of March!

Shipments will be sent in the order they are received — meaning order NOW to be the first one to try this revolutionary product!