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The Fascia Bar™ invention has been clinically proven and very well received by everyone from clinical patients to world class NBA athletes. In any medical practice, it is more flattering to receive patient referrals, than any other type. This is a great indication that what were doing for the patients is working. In no area is this more obvious to our office, than with those patients that have been treated for heel pain. Just see the thousands of testimonials from people just like you. We know its hard to judge testimonials on the internet, so we show them from many other sources which you can fact-check such as FaceBook and Amazon. You can also see that famous athletes love our products too, and we try to get permission to show you as many of these as possible.



Everyone From Busy Moms, to Doctors, to Pro NBA Players Trust Heel That Pain™

NBA Players Trust Heel That Pain


Jason Kidd says, “With everyday use all I can say is that they work for me. I appreciate the pain relief I get from these Heel Seats. Thank you HTP!”


John Starks says, “Pounding can certainly take it’s toll on your feet, no matter what you do for a living. For years I suffered in pain, as did many of my friends who are professional basketball players. Without help, we would still be suffering. Take it from me, YOU can “Heel That Pain.”

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Over 500,000 happy and healthy patients can’t be wrong. With a clinically proven success rate of over 90% and a 100% Unconditional Guarantee, these Patented Fascia-Bar Treatments are a no-brainer. After you treat your ailment be sure to send us your feedback so we can post it here with all the others. Now let’s “Heel That Pain”.

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Testimonial from Facebook I never endorse a product, but I have to now. Last year, I had my foot x-rayed to find 3 heel spurs in my left foot. Every step I took walking caused my pain. The doctor said to relieve this, I would probably need to have surgery. I searched the internet and found “Heel that Pain” and thought what have I got to loose with a 100% guarantee. I swear to you that in just “4 days” my pain had disappeared and I have worn them everyday since. I don’t know if the heel spurs are gone, but I do know that these work and I have no more pain in my feet. I have recommended them to my husband and letter carrier co-workers. Do not hesitate to purchase this product.
Testimonial from Amazon I have suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for about 18 months. Advil and icing were no longer giving any relief. I was desperate as the PF was getting debilitating. These Heal Seats gave me great relief from day 1. I wish there was an option for securing them into shoes. I am wearing them with Birkenstocks and they do tend to slip out. This wouldn’t happen with a more closed shoe style, though. Highly recommend.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Thank you for inquiring. My heel pain has disappeared! It took a few weeks but it is so nice to be heel pain free now. It’s amazing what a difference your heel inserts have made. I’m very glad I took a chance and tried your product!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I’ve had heel pain for over 2 years, and the high price orthotics simply made it worse. I am such a fan of this product, I’m considering selling this product! I just wish I had found HTP sooner.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I have Achilles tendonitis and was in so much pain that I could not walk. My podiatrist sent me for physical therapy. It proved to be very helpful as it strengthened my tendon and gave me more flexibility. However, I still could not tolerate the fitness walking that I was accustomed to. I came across your website and decided to order the inserts. The rest, as they say, is history. OMG. I was able to walk the very first day I got them. Thank you soooooo much for giving me back my life. I plan on ordering two more sets of inserts.
Testimonial from Facebook New fan here – ordered my htp heel seats quite a few months ago after several years of limping in pain, trying new shoes and over the counter inserts. Nothing helped. I started wearing your heel seats and felt instant relief!!! Now I can go shopping with my family without tremendous amounts of pain. In the past by the end of our weekend shopping trips (just for groceries and basics) my feet would be throbbing and I’d have to go home and sit with my feet up for quite some time. I recommend your site to everyone I know who also suffers from plantar fasciitis! Thank you so much!!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Outstanding! Thank you so much. Generally the customer service on returns is horrible compared to the purchase experience. You guys are different and for that reason, I will still recommend your product to others since it TRULY IS NO RISK. I am sorry that it didn’t work for my particular situation.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I have to say your heel care really does work! I had store orthodics that did not work. I had gone to a podiatrist and was offered the expensive ones that wouldn’t guarantee my relief. I am only 42 and had this pain for years. I don’t wear them every day, because many of the shoes I wear for work have open backs. However, whenever I wear sneakers, I wear them. My feet are so much better. I do need to begin to run again. I haven’t tried that yet. When I do, I will let you know if the pain returns or if I’m cured for good.
Testimonial from Amazon I am a runner (15-30 miles a week depending on my schedule) and developed serious heel pain. I purchased this product to use in my sneakers and felt almost instant relief. For my shoes the fit was too tight, so I bought Dr. Scholls full length inserts (which I didn’t like for running). I also bought on Amazon the ProStretch to stretch my calf muscles to prevent the heel pain from flaring up. I gave this only 4 stars because I did not compare it with less expensive alternatives, and also because unless you do stretching exercises (for which you don’t need any equipment, though for me the ProStretch makes it easier) the heel pain will recur, though perhaps not with the same severity. Bottom line: using this product in conjunction with stretching exercises has enabled me to run pain free. Update 2/11/09: I used these for three months, and then stopped when I bought a new pair of sneakers. So far I have not had to use them again. In conjunction with my stretching, I corrected whatever was causing me the heel pain.
Testimonial from Facebook I love my new gel heelseats!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I just got back from a 13 mile road run tonight with absolutely no heal pain. I’ve had the inserts for about 2 months now. They took a little getting used to but within 2 weeks I was noticed that the pain was getting much softer. Since adding the inserts to my shoes I have finished my first 5k and begun training for my first half marathon. The inserts have eliminated all foot pain, completely. I am very, very pleased. Now, make and insert that can help me get under 2 hours for the half marathon and I will tell everyone I know!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Well I have great news, after being in pain for more than a year, I have to tell you that your product not only gave me instant relief, I am now back walking in the mornings and back to playing golf, which I haven’t been able to play for over a year. Your product is fantastic. They worked so well I purchased a pair for my daughter who delivers mail for the post office and was having heel problems. She now is also pain free. Thanks again it is great to know I can get these and they really work. I tried orthotics, orthotic shoes, shock treatments and laser treatments previous to buying your inserts and none of them worked as good as the inserts.
Testimonial from Amazon Great product! After wearing my heel pads in various pairs of loafers for two weeks I find my heel problems dimminishing. What a comfort! Originally i had tried the drugstore “donuts” which helped for all of five minutes. Checking on the web helped too using various execises to strengthen the calf muscles which in turn help the heel problem. End result: I will never be without my Heel Seats.
<Testimonial from Heel That Pain I received your heel seats yesterday afternoon and wore them for the first time playing tennis. I really could not believe the relief from the pain that I had been suffering with my planters f. Today is only the second day of use and I took my shoes off today and I can walk without pain and the strange thing is that I feel like I now have an arch. What a great product and now you have an ambassador for life.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain The first day I wore my inserts to work (I am a teacher) I realized, “Hey, I am not limping.” I couldn’t believe it. I wore them for about 6 weeks and now my foot is healed. I don’t even wear them often any more. I will put them on when I go shopping and I will put them back on when I go back to teaching after our Christmas break. I can now go barefoot in the house again which is something I haven’t been able to do since I hurt my foot in June. I was working out on my WII fit and was barefooted. It was hot that day and I stayed on it 45 minutes because I was having so much fun. I didn’t notice anything until the next morning when I stepped out of bed and hit the floor because of the pain in my right foot. The left foot was also hurting, but not as badly. I limped continually until I bought those inserts. I tried doing the stretching exercises, rubbing my foot over a golf ball, etc., but nothing worked until I put those things in my shoes. They are great! I am almost 62 and can’t exercise the way I used to. Thank you for your information and interest. I bought a pair of those for a friend of mine for Christmas.
Testimonial from Facebook New fan. Planter fasciitis is already better!!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Hi- I just wanted to say I have had excruciating plantar faciitis for 1 1/2 yrs. I ordered your heel seats about a month ago, took my orthotics out of my running shoes, put in the heel seats and used them for about a week. My pain totally disappeared-its amazing-I took the heel seats out of my shoes, and after 7 yrs of orthotics, I have only the original insoles in my sneakers. I have not had to use the heel seats since using them somehow cured the pain that many other possible solutions could not do. My problem began April 2008-so I have had pain for 1 1/2 yrs-I went to a foot dr., who prescribed PT, I went to a massage therapist many times, I used cryoderm-which is like icy hot, I stopped wearing any high heels(which I really didn’t wear anyway), only sneakers and birkenstocks, (I think I got the plantar fasciitis from wearing flip flops-I used to wear them everyday, all the time). I did lots of stretching exercises, iced several times a day-nothing worked-the pain was excruciating. I had looked at your website before, but hadn’t tried the heel seats, just hoping the pain would go away one day-well I had had it, so I decided to try your product, and I just can’t believe it worked in such a short time-I was getting ready to call my Dr. again and get a cortisone shot. Thank you so much, and if you want to use my testimonial, be my guest. I would recommend your product to anyone. Thanks again!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Just wanted to give your product and your company a very big THANK YOU!I ordered your heel seats back in July. I have been suffering (and I do mean suffer) for over 8 months with plantar fasciitis. I have spent a fortune on doctors and therapy. Even to the point I thought I would have to go on disability from my job as I could not walk. I was very frightened and worried. A friend mentioned your company, and I thought why not, I certainly have tried everything else. Within 2 weeks of using your product, the pain lessened. After a month it is virtually gone! I can’t believe it.amazing product! I thank you sincerely. You can’t possibly imagine what a difference this has made.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Hey – I just wanted to drop you folks a line and let you know the heel seats have made a tremendous difference. Two weeks prior to receiving the heel seats my foot doctor gave me a SECOND injection of cortizone in an effort to relieve my pain. He also gave me a night splint to wear. When I wasn’t getting any relief from the pain after a full week I decided to order your heel seats. On the 3rd day of wearing them my pain had almost completely subsided! I continue my leg exercises and wear the splint at night but I really think the heel seats are the reason my pain has subsided. Each day I suffer less discomfort. I want to thank you for such a wonderful product and may order an extra pair for myself and a pair for my husband as well. As a final comment I would like to add that you should be selling these at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target, grocery stores, shoe stores etc. – where ever the public shops. Lots of older folks don’t have PC’s/internet or are leery of putting their credit card info on line. I think you would capture a bigger market by putting them in the stores. Just a thought! Please feel free to use my letter as a testamonial for your product. Thanks ever so much!
Testimonial from Amazon I was really not convinced something like this could help at all with my plantar fasciitis pain. I decided to try something (anything) and ordered these, and what a difference they make! It’s amazing how it helps relieve the pain. Will need to get more for other shoes so I don’t have to change with different shoes. These feel great!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain After years of ubelievable suffering your product virtually ellininated the pain immedtetely, I woild be happy to right a recommendation or testamonialf or you if you are so inclined. The product was actually for my 74 year old father who suffered with this for 2 years and it was getting unbearable and we are thrilled with what it did for his qualityof life.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain After suffering from plantar fasciitis for over a year HTP finally brought me relief! I have gone through 3 different podiatrists who wasted my time & money, and after much research and relenteless action towards healing my condition I came across your product. The testimonials sold me on it and I bought a pair. It has done more for my plantar fasciitis than anything else I’ve tried. Thanks to everyone HTP care group!! Please keep me informed of all your products and techniques! Thanks again!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Well, I must say that I was skeptical of your heel seats when I saw your website – but I was desperate. My doctor had me wearing a huge boot, doing exercises a day all to no avail. I am happy to report that my heel pain is almost all gone. No limping after getting up in the morning or getting out of the car after a long ride. So they work!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I’m a 36 year old man, with a wife and two kids. I own a contracting business that’s allot of hard work. My feet have been hurting for around a year. Over the last few months the pain was getting really bad. I did some resurch and found I had Plantar Fasciitis. I ordered your product and was blown away! Ten minutes and the pain was gone. Finally a product that does what it says it does. Thank You very much.
Testimonial from Facebook I am a new fan, on my feet all day and the heel seats have really helped
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I was in SO much pain. My left heel hurt when I woke, when I sat and stood up, when I got out of my car, etc. I put these in as soon as they arrived in the mail. INSTANT relief. NO KIDDING! I still feel it a LITTLE but I am now able to start my walking again! THANK YOU! Ill recommended to anyone I hear complain! SUPER product.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain i just wanted to let you know my feet are GREAT!!! i had gone through sooo many different inserts, you wouldnt believe how first i was skeptical about buying something on line,but my mom sent me the ad and told me about the guarantee.i figured i had spent so much money on trying to make my right heel get better and i had tried so many dfferent things.i said’why not’ first when i got them in the mail,they looked like all of the others i had tried and i was ready to send them back ,when my husband said to give them a try.after the first week,i felt a little noticeable difference.after the second week,i could wake up in the middle of the night without limping and after the third week i was sold!!! i have told everone at my work all about them..the saw me for months limping around after the first half of my shift i could barely walk around for the rest of it.when i drove home after work you should have seen me get out of the car…i am in the food service business and have to be on my feet for hours at a time.i never thought my foot would get better.i was really contemplating some kind of foot surgery,when your miracle inserts healed me,so THANKYOU. and have a great day
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I just wanted to thank you for introducing this wonderful project at an affordable price. I recently ordered one for my Mother in Law who was suffering from multiple heel spurs and severe pain. She has been using these pads for the last 10 days and is very happy and after a long time she is experiencing the days without pain. Also, thank you for including the testimonials, I ordered them as soon as I read some of the reviews. Thanks a lot again, may many people benefit from this product.
Testimonial from Amazon Plop Plop Fiz Fiz, oh what a relief it is. It is so nice to be able to walk again without the jarring heal pain. I wear the Heel Seats in all my shoes(easy to change from shoe to shoe) even birkenstocks, I have put velcro spots on the Heel Seats and on the Birkenstocks,(fuzzy side on the shoes, sticky side on the Heel Seats)
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Your product has worked remarkably well for me. The heel pain that I had was so severe, I could hardly function at work anymore. I thank you for your product and I highly recommend your products to anyone with plantar fasciitis or any other heel pain or foot condition needing relie
Testimonial from Heel That Pain want to share with you that I am back playing tennis, and plan to play the nationals tennis hardcourts in my age group. I have recommended heel seats to several people including my dermatologist and cardiologist.who have labored long and hard with plantar faciitis. Also, my wife thanks you for your I not as grumpy and difficult as I had been when I was unable to play. And after the podiatrist, and all the physical therapy, and all the orthotics..this seemed to work the best.. Thanks for a good product.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain After 4 months of heel pain, I found your site and ordered a pair of Heel Seats. I didn’t receive a confirmation e-mail or receipt by the next morning, so I e-mailed you to check on my order. I then went out to get the mail and found my Heel Seats.great service! They’ve been in my shoes for 24 hours and the difference is amazing! The pain is nearly gone even though I’m flexing my foot to walk normally again. What a relief, thank you so much for this wonderful product!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Wow. I have a very good impression of your company. I wanted to be open and honest with your company in returning them as quickly as possible as soon as my Dad said he couldn’t use them (an 87 year old is pretty set in his mind sometimes!). I am already impressed by your company’s integrity in refunding my money PLUS shipping! Thanks for getting back to me and being so fair and honest (rare, indeed).
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I love the gel heel seats. I brought some about a year and half ago and now I am buying some more. I dont have a heel problems with the heel seats. I am on my feet all day the seats work wonders with my heels. The heel seats work with my flat feet and my plantar fascitis. They are the best thing that I have found to work in and walk in. I put them in all my shoes. I went to a foot Dr and I had some insoles made for my feet and I was not able to wear them at all. The heel seats are comfortable to wear. I love these things.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I’ve been using HTP for a few years now. After trying everything you can think of, I tried HTP only because one of your spokespeople was a basketball player (can’t think of who) and I figure it was cheap enough to try. What a dramatic difference HTP has made for me! I bought my most recent pair because my originals were wearing out and I was going to work a convention floor for 3 days. Feet were sore, but not from the plantar. If you ever need a quote or testimonial, I’ll be happy to provide one.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain The heel inserts i bought from you where for my 10 year old son who has real pain. He plays soccer and rugby and prior to the inserts was struggling to last a game due to heel pain. Within 2 weeks of wearing them the pain subsided and now after 6 -8 weeks he is almost pain free, which means he is able to finish all matches and train!..quite remarable considering he could barely walk after some games!!! I have since recommended your product to a number of heel pain sufferers who i have purrchased for. Great product well done!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain After walking to the grocery store June 15th, I was in so much pain, I could hardly walk back home, desperate, I went online and found you, I printed everything on Plantar Fascia, Achilles Tendonitis, etc. I printed the exercises on Plantar Fascia and started exercising that same day, I iced and exercised. Today I am walking around without the pain I had. I do all the exercises every day two to three times, and it works!!!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I have completed this exercise daily for years in efforts to reduce the tightness and pain in my feet. The heel pads I purchased from you are worn daily and have changed my life in regards to having no to little pain in my feet for the first time in years. Thank you; thank you; thank you!! I am the Director of Rehabilitation at a Medical Center and have shared my success with the pads with several. Of course some PTs look at me with “can that be true” looks but that is okay. I am wearing my loafers again for the first time in five years.
Testimonial from Amazon I have had very flat feet since birth, and have never had any sort of foot problems or pain. Any sort of arch support hurts my feet. I have always had to be sure shoes have a flat insole. When I injured my planter fascia (jumping off a loading dock) it just would not heal. I had pain whether or not I walked a lot. I decided to try these out of desperation. At first, they are terribly uncomfortable and painful. But after a while they do relieve the pain. Buy them.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I purchased 2 pair of these inserts and I cannot believe the relief I have in just a very short time. I have tried orthotics and special shoes that cost over $250.00, laser and shock wave treatments, and nothing works like these inserts. I have no pain, 1st time in over a year. Thank YOU they really work, just like you said they would.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I just ordered two more pairs of the HTP Heel Seats on line as they have removed my pain and seem comfortable enough. They are amazingly working exactly as you advertise. With all of the endless products on the market for plantar fasciatis, I’m quite surprised that I was able to stumble onto your fine product after only a few mis-steps, as it were. Thanks so much!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain My heels are doing good. The inserts are working. Only had one problem, they were making the rest of my foot hurt. Then I read that you are supposed to keep going with them, and sure enough, they got better and they work great. Thanks for making such a great product. I stand ten hours a day at work and I’ve been doing that exercise for some time now and it really only is a temporary fix. I also do the straight touch your toes stretch at work and that helps temporarily also. Your inserts are the only thing that have given me any kind of lasting relief.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I, too, usually don’t write letters of endorsement, but I do want to thank you for having a good product that really works. These heel cups enabled me to walk comfortably for the first time in months when I got them in January.
Testimonial from Facebook Live by these inserts. Saved me from surgery.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Hi, I have suffered for a long time with plantar fascitis and a heel spur. I have been wearing a night splint and this helps some, but I received my heel pads Tuesday morning and had to teach an aerobics class that night, so I thought well I’m going to give them a try tonight. I was so impressed and SO relieved. I still felt my heel spur, but nothing like before. I haven’t been able to teach a regular aerobics class. I have only been able to teach toning classes, so that I didn’t move a whole lot. I feel that these pads have given me back my ability to teach my classes, walk again and do my everyday tasks without being in so much pain. Thank you so much for your product!!! I will be telling my classes about this miracle.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Just wanted to tell you the heel seats got here on Friday. Thank you so much. I put them in my shoes right away, it is almost a miracle, the first relief I have had in almost 3 years. It is simply amazing. I have not had a chance to use them while working on my feet all day, but so far it is really good. Thank you again for your kindness, it was a blessing to me.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I appreciate the follow up from the Heel-That-Pain care group. I’ve worn the inserts in my shoes since the moment I received them, and I am happy to report that I am completely pain free in my heels from the moment I get out of bed in the morning. They have been so miraculous, that I can’t even remember which heel was the most painful anymore! My worst pain was the first steps in the morning and after I had been sitting for awhile and then getting up. The inserts have been a God send. An additional thanks for the exercise you passed along. I’m going to add that to my morning routine just as an added preventative measure. Thanks again for the follow up and the exercise, both are very appreciated.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I just had to write and say thank you for offering heel seats, and at such an affordable price. I am self employed and work on my feet 10 to 13 hours a day. I developed severe heel pain on my left heel, where I’ve had a spur for years, about a year ago. The only thing that gave me any relief was prescription medication. I didn’t know what I was going to do-my days were so miserable and my physical life was becoming limited. In desperation, I ordered the heel seats-not expecting much. the first day was uncomfortable, but after a week, my pain is greatly reduced. I do feel that it is being healed! I no longer hobble. It is wonderful! Thank you, thank you!
Testimonial from Amazon I had made a doctors appointment after over a year of suffering from foot pain. My trainer suggested that I had plantar fasciitis. I tried arch supports, different types of tennis shoes, exercises, advil and the frozen water bottle massage with no relief. I found this product on the plantar fasciitis website and purchased them with the hopes of some relief. With in two days of using this product I can now get out of bed and not wince. I highly recommend this product! P.S. I canceled my doctors appointment :>)
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I can’t say enough good things about the inserts! I have recommended them to anyone that I come in contact with that has Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles heel pain. I was contemplating surgery until this “last ditch effort”! They are phenomenal! My chiropractor discovered trigger points, in deep tissue where the surgeon was going to cut, and together with deep massage and the shoe inserts from Heel-That-Pain..I’m able to wear “cute” shoes again.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain i just got my heel seats TODAY. i have been suffering from PF for 2 years. cortizone shots were excruciating, expensive & useless. it has now been about 4 hours since i put them in my shoes & have been wearing them around the house. i dont even want to take off my shoes & go to bed-its 3:00 in the morning! i was so relieved from the heel seats i started crying. PF has basically ruined my life by making me a miserable 40 year old. it almost cost me my job. i complain all the time & never want to go out & do things i used to do. by the end of the day i would be snapping at everyone. i havnt been able to exercise & got depressed so i began sitting around eating junk food. ive gained a ton of weight. now i see an end in sight. i know i will be able to start walking on my treadmill again. i cant believe i suffered so long, when these were available. i will keep you posted of my progress. right now my heels feel “tingly”, a whole lot better than “throbbing”. thank you for giving me hope.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I would like to comment on your product. I have suffered with plantar fascitis and heel spurs and the pain has worsen over the last couple of years. I had to give up exercising, walking in the mall and even walking around at work. I was surfing the web and found your site. I saw the athletes testimonies and was impressed and felt that maybe this is the one thing that could possibly help. I have ordered many heel pads in the past with no relief. I received my order two days ago, started using the pads and my pain is almost gone. I am so excited that I can now walk with no problems. I can tell that it will get better as the days past. Thank you, thank you,thank you. I seems like I may get my life back.
Testimonial from Facebook At a time when it was so painful just to walk, your inserts allowed me to return to my normal life, including jogging, virtually pain-free. Thank you, thank you!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain You know, I nearly deleted your e-mail (since I don’t know any Charisses), but honest to God, I have been thinking lately about writing you guys an unsolicited endorsement. It is pretty darned rare when a product actually meets or exceeds its marketing hype, but my Heel-That-Pain inserts have been great! After two weeks of using your inserts my heel pain was dramatically reduced-nearly gone. I have two sets of inserts, one for work shoes and one for my running shoes and use them constantly. After a month I was even been able to resume running. I can still feel my heels every once in a while, but there is no longer any pain, no more limping to the bathroom in the morning.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Your product is fantastic! I’ve been searching for a long time for some relief to my heel pain. I became a Fitness Instructor almost 10 years ago and since then have increased my exercise regime as it’s now my full time job. My heel pain increased daily especially when I first got up in the morning. I couldn’t afford to stop work and so kept myself moving usually in pain. I’ve been wearing the heel seats in my gym shoes since receiving them (the last month) and have notice a difference. The pain has diminished considerably and my shoes, balance, knee pain feel better! The support and adjustment to the biomechanics must be working. Would definitely recommend your product to other sufferers. It has helped me cope as I can’t afford to have sore feet when I’m the role model for other fitness fanatics:-) Thank you for the stretching exercises, I will definitely incorporate them into my daily stretch routine.
Testimonial from Amazon I have had plantar fasciitis for 20 years, and I have tried many remedies and different (expensive) shoes. This is the best relief I have experienced. I have no pain when wearing the heel seats, and greatly reduced pain when barefoot.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Yes, two pair are what I ordered. Thank you! If you ever want a testimonial on these things, let me know. You have no idea how these helped me out!!! The pain is gone. Had a problem for a year and a half or longer. Put these in my shoes and it was gone.completely about two months or less. Heat, stretching, ice, therapy, doctor visits.nothing helped until I use these!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I’m now 65 years old. Two years ago my feet hurt so bad that I thought I would have to retire. I stand on concrete floors all day long where I work as a window clerk at the Yorba Linda Post Office. When I got up in the morning I could hardly walk. I got some heel cups and within a month I have had no pain! It’s now been 2 years and I can easily stand on my feet 10+ hours a day. These things are wonderful ! I recommend them to everyone. Thank you so much for saving me!!!! I now plan on working till I’m 70!!!!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain The heel inserts are amazing. I had been unable to wear casual shoes for work until I tried the heel inserts. I don’t have to wear my running shoes with orthotics to work anymore!! I am amazed at how quickly my heel pain subsided! I am back to running after 5 months of being in too much pain to even attempt to run. Your product is terrific!!
Testimonial from Facebook I am so grateful for the affordable and effective relief that I’ve gotten from my heel seats. Thank you!
Testimonial from Amazon So, do they work? Yes! I had developed pain in my heels – mainly from playing tennis, and because of a lot of standing around at work. I ordered them through a company via Amazon – very efficient. At first they were a bit awkward, still hurt a bit. Now though, I barely notice the pain. Some days I don’t even need them. I would definitely recommend them. I read that other “inferior ones” are ok, but that they are mainly for temporary comfort. I would just say – BUY THESE ones
Testimonial from Heel That Pain thanks for the e-mail. The heel insoles I bought from your company are fabulous. Using them is the only way I can walk comfortably for long distances, or long hours. I think they have actually healed my heal pain. I can wear all my other shoes for moderate amounts of time without heel pain which I was not able to do before. Thanks for your product !
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I received my original HTP Heel seats and Plantar FXT two days ago, and right now, I am in total disbelieve…..I shall explain, I told you I have suffered from reoccurring Plantar Fasciitis for many years, due to a lower back injury that gives me a poor walking posture. This condition came back about three months ago, and I have a feeling of a golf ball stuck to the arch of both my feet. The pain, when walking (can’t really call it walking, more of a painful hobbling) has been extreme, My doctor in the UK, has told me two weeks ago, that the next treatment for this condition after the drugs, and injections I have had, would be a long stay in hospital for surgery, which I was totally dreading. This has been my only treatment, or help from my doctor, that our NHS (National Health Service) here in the UK can offer me. So when searching on the web, I typed into Google “Plantar Fascia Injuries” just by chance, your site came up first, and here I am, right now, holding two little blue Miracles that’s about what I would call the HTP Heel Seats, “Little Blue Miracles”.I took the heel seats out of the packaging, looked at them, and thought, “Well, is this IT”? Put them in my shoes, and within 10 minuets was WALKING, yes, WALKING (not a hobble) a walk, WITHOUT ANY PAIN?……Within two days, I was up, and walking around our block, which is about ONE MILE, WITHOUT ANY PAIN…..”I AM IN TOTAL DISBELIEVE” and lost for the right words, only someone that’s been through Plantar Fasciitis, and suffered the pain can understand why, I am so gobbed smacked!! All I can say right now is:…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and my FEET, THANK YOU……..These “are” truly, truly, two “Little Blue Miracles”
Testimonial from Facebook I tried a few other products for my heel pain and nothing works like these do. I need to order another set for my work boots
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Hi – I am a Mom that actually ordered the two sets of Heel That Pain seats for my 9 year old daughter. She is very athletic and was always complaining about her heel hurting. I dismissed it for a while and then finally took her to the doctor. The doctor asked no questions and immediately ordered x-rays. Of course nothing showed up and her Dad said he was going to take her to get a bone scan. I was frustrated so I got online and came across information on Sever’s Disease. Talk about hit the nail on the head with that one. That website led me to your Heel That Pain seats which I immediately ordered. Well, you guessed it, pain relief had arrived! She has only complained about her heel once since then and it was when she forgot to put the heel seats in her shoes. Thank you for a great product!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Have 2 pair of heel seats they are over a year old still work great was wondering if they need to be replaced after so long use them everyday can’t walk without them. Thank you very much walked with pain for 3 years paid big money to foot doctor did not help at all so thank you again.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I just wanted to let you know that after planning my daughter’s wedding I had such bad problems with my feet that I couldn’t walk without hobbling. I would sit down and when I would try to walk the pain in my heel and feet were so bad I was walking like I was 80 yrs old. My daughter who is in the Air Force told me about Heel That Pain and I ordered a pair. I can not believe that little insert has done what doctors could not: let me walk pain free. I have told everyone at my work about your inserts. Thank you!
Testimonial from Amazon I have suffered with plantus facilitis over the years and am an avid walker. I have used it for 2 weeks and have just ordered another set. I am so pleased with this product. I did not want to go through the cortisone shots again. I am not totally pain free but the pain has drasticly decreased. I do the exercises on the Heel That Pain website as well as the inserts.
Testimonial from Facebook I love my heel seats! I used to go shopping for groceries, and by the time I got through I’d be hobbling, my feet hurt so much! I don’t know how these little heel seats wwork so well, but they do! I can exercise, get groceries, and do all my daily work now without the intense pain! THANKYOU!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain My wife of 40 years, purchased the heal inserts for me. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! If I wear a pair a shoes without them I definitely feel the pain. The pain is exactly dead center of my heal running vertically up about 2-3 inches. The right is more sever than the left. But, I can say, without question, your inserts definitely worked for me! Thanks a bunch.
Testimonial from Amazon I was terrifed when I woke up one morning and couldn’t walk, how was I going to work!? For three days my life revolved around RICE. After three days, I started stretching/massaging my foot with a can of green beans. I ordered the HTP inserts, a night brace, and some arch compression bands. The brace and bands turned out to be useless. However, the inserts were a answer to my prayers! After two weeks of wearing these inserts I had no pain, not even when first waking up. I honestly believe they played a huge part in my recovery. I have been transfering the inserts from pair of shoes to another. I can’t imagine shoes without them, that’s why I’m here to buy another pair.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I have had trouble with my right foot since July 2005. It started when I severely injured my ankle – after suffering for 1 1/2 years of pain and walking with a limp my ankle got better THEN my heel began to hurt severely – it started out just painful in the morning then it progressively got worse over the next year, as well as the pain is lasting all day. After doing extensive research online I self diagnosed myself with plantars faciatis (sp?) and, in the process, realized that a Dr. could not really do anything other than direct me in some foot exercises. I had, unfortunately, resolved to a life of limping and pain. There were days when my foot would throb so bad I would be in tears. So…On June 3, 2008 I bit the bullet and purchased your heel inserts for my shoes. Today is August 29, 2008 and I have to tell you that my heel is barely hurting me, now. The instant I put them in my shoes they made my heel hurt WORSE. But, I had spent the money and was going to give it more time. It took three days and I was hooked. No more pain when I would walk – I was putting those things in my house shoes! 🙂 Now I can walk around the house barefooted (which I LOVE to do), wear my sandals (which I haven’t been able to do in years) outside to run to the mailbox or just hang out with my husband and kids. Where as before, I wouldn’t be able to go any amount of time during the day or evening without my tennis shoes on, due to the pain. I still wear my tennis shoes (and now dress shoes) but I have my freedom back. I will never be without your inserts! Thank You!!!!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I’ve had heel pain since I started training to be an Olympic contender in the Sydney Olympics. I lost my track and field event back then and gave up my dreams to compete. Of course I found your company AFTER I decided not to go to China this year. If I knew about your treatments a year ago I have no doubt, I would be there representing the USA. I have to admit even though I’m not in China I still feel like I won the gold medal because I have No More Pain!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I’ve had heel pain since I started training to be an Olympic contender in the Sydney Olympics. I lost my track and field event back then and gave up my dreams to compete. Of course I found your company AFTER I decided not to go to China this year. If I knew about your treatments a year ago I have no doubt, I would be there representing the USA. I have to admit even though I’m not in China I still feel like I won the gold medal because I have No More Pain!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I have written to your company about the terrific results I did receive from your foot pain product. I had gotten treatment from a podiatrist which included painful steroid shots. They did relieve the heel pain temporarily. However the pain returned within two months. A friend recommended your heel seats. I bought them with trepidation for who would think that for so little money I could get good results. Well this is just what happened. I got immediate relief from just wearing your product wherever I went. The great part is that after a few months, just as stated on your web site I actually got healing results ( no pun intended… lol). I am 99 percent better and can do anything including tennis and the treadmill. I recently purchased two more sets of your products just to have a fresh pair that I still always wear just for extra comfort. I also have recommended friends of mine who have also purchased this product. I await to hear how they are doing. So thanks for your note and I hope to continue recommending your treatment… truly, Mickey Schuman… of course you may use my testimonial in your ads. Just let me know so I can enjoy reading it… lol. thanks again
Testimonial from Facebook I have been a fan since abought my first pair of heel seats. I had taken a couple years off from running thinking it would get better on it’s on. It didn’t. A trusted friend told me his story about how he had given up soccer but when he tried the heel seats it allowed him to get back on the field. I tried a pair and after adapting to the new feeling started running. Currently running 25 miles per week without any heel pain. Added heel seats to my shoes as well and won’t go without them. My advice:Don’t learn to live with the pain, learn to live without it.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Hello, Two weeks ago my heel pain began. In the morning, it was like someone was stabbing my heels with a dagger. I thought it was just from walking around barefoot on my tile floors. Went online and found you. I received my heel seats Monday. After only TWO DAYS, my heel pain is almost gone. I am wearing good tennis shoes with the heel seats, and took my dogs on a long walk to the park today!
Thank you for:
1) the videos on stretches ~ those helped while I was waiting for my heel seats to arrive
2) a customer service rep, Allison who was kind, caring and professional
3) offering an excellent product at a fair price
I have already referred a friend, and will gladly bestow the virtues of your fine product and friendly company.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I ordered the heel seats last week after a very sudden and painful 5 days of heal pain that caused me to miss work. The MOMENT I stood up after inserting the heel seats the pain was tremendously better. after limping and staying off my feet for days, i could suddenly walk. and it is getting so much better everyday. i can’t believe how incredibly fortunate i am to have found these so quickly. so i just wanted to say thank you. thank you.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I’m a NCAA/USSF/High School referee, run, play hockey, and had planters so bad I could barely walk. I’ve been wearing the inserts for years now and have no pain. I’m now able to wear shoes without them, walk on hard wood flours, it’s one of the best products ever. I have refered fifty or more folks to the product.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I play racquetball twice a week and developed pain in my right heel which was bearable in the beginning. The pain grew worse and stopped all my activities and I started walking with a limp favoring my right heel. I researched on the internet and read the testimonials for “Heel that Pain” (inserts) product. I decided to give it a try and I ordered them. The heel inserts gave immediate relief and results were noticeable in the first 4 hours of wearing them. My feeling is my right heel got elevated by the product just enough to recover the inflammation and put me back on both my feet again. What I thought to be my worst nightmare was cured by using the inserts. I am back to normal and I have not worn the inserts except during racquetball. So far so good. Thanks to the “Heel that Pain” Product.
Testimonial from Amazon Pain relief started on day one and continues to this day! I have been using pairs of HTP’s Heel Seats in all of my footwear for a couple of years. It takes a few days to adjust to the feel of the ridge they incorporate. I take long morning walks on a daily basis. I am 62-years-old.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I just wanted to say that i have planter faciitis so bad for months and couldnt relieve the pain with anything. I ordered your heal seats and immediately had relief. Its amazing how these seats work so well. Im almost 100 percent pain free. Thank you for making a great product.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been wearing my new HTP heel seats for four days now. The first three days I noticed a slight difference, but nothing drastic. Last night was my first night wearing them at work. I’m a nurse and I work 12 hour shifts, which is actually most likely the biggest contributor to my pain. This morning when I got off work my feet felt great! This is the first time in months that I’ve been able to walk from the car to my front door without limping after my shift. These things are amazing, especially for such a reasonable price. I was expecting to pay between $50 and $100 for something that would actually relieve the pain in my left foot, and thought it may end up costing me some time at work. I will NEVER work again without these fabulous little gadgets in my shoes!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain After receiving the HTP heel inserts I llused them immediately and in about two weeks all my pain was gone. I could feel there was improvement each day for the two week period. Icontinue to use them ijn my shoes every day now and they feel very comfortable now that I’m used to them. It took about two days to get used to them and they just feel great in my shoes. Thanks for the information on the stretching exercise you included with your email. I’m forwarding it to my son who is a family practice doctor in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. If you have any new information in the future please forward it to me. The heel pain is gone thanks to the HTP heel inserts for my shoes. Have a great day!
Testimonial from Facebook THANK YOU! I’ve had the inserts for one week now and my Plantar Fasciitis pain is almost gone!!! Can’t believe that something so simple could ease so much INTENSE pain. I am back to running big miles again, starting tomorrow.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I just had I recently developed plantar fasciitis in both feet and ordered your HTP heel seats. The pain in my feet was so severe I thought I would not be able to keep up my regular exercise regimen of walking 3-4 miles per day. After only 2 days of using the heel seats, my foot pain has improved tremendously. I am so impressed because I really didn’t have very high expectations and felt it might be a gamble to even try them. Thank you so much!!! What a difference your product has made in my life!!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I’m 82 years old and I don’t use the computer often. I was very reluctant to buy anything online but decided to give your company a try after reading through all of the dear testimonials. Your products have worked a miracle for me, what I had suffered from for so long is now gone. I only wish I had found you when I was younger.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I want to extend to you my heartfelt thanks for eliminating the pain I was having in my left heel. I had been to a podiatrist, had used the night splint he recommended and the inserts he prescribed, but they were unsuccessful. You product has worked where his failed. Thank you. To new customers who try your product:1. Do not expect instant success. I have used the product for 6 months and am now pain free, but it didn’t happen overnight.
2. When I first tried the inserts, my right foot felt fine, but the left foot (the bad one) was uncomfortable at first in the arch area. It felt like the insert added too much arch. This was probably caused by the tension in the tendon. As I slowly healed the left foot the heel pain went away and so did the discomfort in the arch. If you try these inserts and feel like they aren’t working because they make your arch uncomfortable, please hang in there and keep them on. This is part of the cure.As a last comment, I wear these inserts with Nike Shoks which have springs in the heels. The combination is excellent and I would particularly recommend them to anyone working on concrete floors all day. Heel pain is no fun! I love you guys and appreciate your honesty. You do what you say! For you sceptics who wonder about these testimonials, this letter was not solicited and I haven’t been paid a dime for it. I can be reached in Lebanon, Oregon and will talk to anyone at almost any time. Just don’t call at midnight.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I have had trouble with my right foot since July 2005. It started when I severely injured my ankle – after suffering for 1 1/2 years of pain and walking with a limp my ankle got better THEN my heel began to hurt severely – it started out just painful in the morning then it progressively got worse over the next year, as well as the pain is lasting all day. After doing extensive research online I self diagnosed myself with plantars faciatis (sp?) and, in the process, realized that a Dr. could not really do anything other than direct me in some foot exercises. I had, unfortunately, resolved to a life of limping and pain. There were days when my foot would throb so bad I would be in tears. So…On June 3, 2008 I bit the bullet and purchased your heel inserts for my shoes. Today is August 29, 2008 and I have to tell you that my heel is barely hurting me, now. The instant I put them in my shoes they made my heel hurt WORSE. But, I had spent the money and was going to give it more time. It took three days and I was hooked. No more pain when I would walk – I was putting those things in my house shoes! 🙂 Now I can walk around the house barefooted (which I LOVE to do), wear my sandals (which I haven’t been able to do in years) outside to run to the mailbox or just hang out with my husband and kids. Where as before, I wouldn’t be able to go any amount of time during the day or evening without my tennis shoes on, due to the pain. I still wear my tennis shoes (and now dress shoes) but I have my freedom back. I will never be without your inserts! Thank You!!!!
Testimonial from Amazon after wearing the product for a week and a half, the pain in my foot decreased significantly. during this time, i was also icing and stretching my foot 3 to 6 times a day. however, the heel seats did seem to help significantly. i’d estimate that it was 65% responsible for my foot healing. haha, thnx yo!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I just wanted to thank you for your product. You have given me back my life. I am in auto sales and a very good amateur golfer and because of my foot problem I really thought both areas had ended. I tried everything out there and nothing worked. I don’t know how your product does it but I felt the differnce in only a week and now I can run 3 miles and walk 36 holes of golf without pain. I wear your product every day in all my shoes so that I will never go through that pain again. I will be ordering more soon.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I just wanted to let you know that my heel pain is gone. I bought my first set of Heel-That-Pain several years ago now and between using them, wearing air sole shoes and a shot from the doctor in the heel, the pain left in about a week and I’ve not had any since. However, I continue to wear Heel-That-Pain in my shoes to help keep it from coming back. That is why I ordered a second set.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I have been using your inserts for several years now and have been pain free all that time. My brother has he same heel pain. I finally convinced him to try your inserts and he too now is pain free. Unfortunately for him he purchased $300 shoes before I convinced him. He spent the money and had no releif but does now after using your inserts. I have pointed 5 other people with heel pain to your site. An amazing product. I had so much pain before using your inserts I was on pain medication and hated getting out of bed in the morning, those first few hours were terrible. Do I endorse your product? “You Betcha!!”
Testimonial from Facebook These heel insoles are a god send….what a miracle they’ve done for me so glad I found you and now excited your on facebook so i can share you with my friends.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Dear Heel That Pain; I first learned about your products from a friend of mine who had suffered from plantar fasciitis for years. She went on and on about your service and products so I decided to try your company out once I developed heel pain. Well wow, yes, wow, this is an amazing treatment and the girl on the phone was so nice and informative about my condition, I swear I learned more from her than my own doctor! Thanks!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain My feet hurt at the end of the day from all the walking I do as a mailman. I saw the supports you carry and I have ordered them. They have helped me alot because now at the end of the day I can actually go to the gym, work out and then go home in no pain. I am back to a normal way of life again.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I thought there was no hope for my bone spurs in my heels except to walk mainly on my toes..which has caused alot of pain in my legs and my feet. I saw the ad for the heel cups and thought “what have I got to lose”. I ordered them and the minute I put them in my shoes the pain lessened and I am now able to walk on the entire bottom of my feet again. I ordered another pair to put one in my tennis shoes and one in my work shoes.
Testimonial from Amazon Shipping service was above expectations, arrived next day even though I paid for the least expensive shipping method. Just took a two mile walk in these; after this initial test drive I find the “heel bar accupressure” beneficial. I’ve had plantar fasciitis in my left heel for about six months. I am hopeful that this, along with stretching and icing, will finally cure my condition. Will post after a few weeks use.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I’ve been to a foot Doc and got orthotics and all kinds of inserts but ave found that your heel cup gives me more relief that anything I’ve tried. I’ve already ordered two more just a few days ago. I’ve recommended them to my sister who also suffers from plantar fasciitus.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain In reply to the heel that pain heel supports that I received, they work great. I had four other pair that did not work. One from the doctor. Yours was the last one that I bought, and now I can walk without pain. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, That was a terrible experience to have. (Plantar Faciatis). I still have your supports in my shoes. We have a lot of raking (the lawn) to do and I take them out and wash them off every day. I like that part about them. Thank you so much and today I am walking with my slippers on and nothing hurts. Yes!!!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Just ordered 2 more pairs. These things have been great. Had pain for 1 year multiple cortizone shots, custom orthodix, etc. Noticed difference as soon as I put them in. Buying a friend a pair with similar issue. Big test tomorrow night at the softball field as that is where things tend to flare up. We’ll see how they do!!!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I bought the order for my 56 year old daughter, and she has continually improved. This morning I called her to see if she had gotten your mail that I forwarded to her, and as we talked she told me to tell you that she is now completely well. Oh, Thank You Lord! It has been a very difficult time for her, and my heart has been so heavy to see how much she was hurting throughout the winter, and just could not do her walking routine she and her husband enjoy so much together.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I need to tell you MY story. My husband and I were out walking on the trail near Laguna Lake like we do quite often. Suddenly, with no warning, it was like a knife sticking into my left heel! I could hardly put any weight on the foot and managed to hobble back to the car with hubby’s help. I went to Dr. Rosenblum that week, and several thereafter. Cortisone shots, TENS unit treatments, exercises – did all of it. After about two months of this, I finally went on line and found your site and ordered a pair of heel seats. By that time, I was limping along on the outside of my foot which wasn’t very good for my hip, either! I put those inserts in my shoes and immediately was able to walk down flat! Within two days, I was walking normally! I raved about them to Dr. Rosenblum. I don’t know if he ever contacted you, but I certainly hope he did. They were like magic! Thank you for a great product.
Testimonial from Facebook I have been running for well over 35 years and have been lucky enough to never suffer anything worse than a sprained ankle, as far as injuries go. About two months ago, I started suffering extreme pain in my left heel area. I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until my wife noticed me hobbling around the house. I could barely walk. At times the pain was excrutiating. I just iced it, took Ibuprofin and thought it would go away. I was wrong. It got worse. I did some research and discovered I had Plantar Fasciitis. A running pal of mine suggested Heel That Pain. I was desperate to try anything at that point, and the price was right. So I ordered a pair of the inserts. WOW! Within two days, the pain had subsided greatly and the inflamation was nearly gone. Five days later, I was almost pain free. Within a week, I was walking and running normally. I cannot believe how well these things work. It is VERY rare to find an inexpensive product that does 100% of what it advertises. I will tell EVERYONE with heel pain about this product. Thank you Heel That Pain. You saved my running career!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Since buying my first set of Heel-That-Pain foot inserts my feet have been 100% pain free. I just recently bought another 2 pair in thinking that maybe my present 2 pair may have been a bit worn out. When I received and swapped out with the present shoes I was wearing I could tell no difference from my old set vs the new set. They are wearing like iron! Just recently my mother complained that her heal was bothering her. I advised on herself also getting a set of the inserts in which she did. She advised her situation is getting better. I am sending this email to her as well to pass the advise you have sent to me. I also advised her to freeze a small water bottle and at night to roll her foot over the bottle to help stretch and to ease the swelling and irritation. I advise this product to all my friend that want healthy feet.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Wow! Amazing that you have contacted me like this. Thank you. I had such amazing success with the inserts!!! I had been to every sports medicine doctor in town, did x-rays, MRIs, wore the boot at night, did the stretches, and stayed off my feet for 16 weeks with very little reduction in pain. After finding your website I ordered a pair of the inserts reluctantly. I put them in my shoes the instant they came in the mail on a Saturday. By Monday I had no more pain accept the morning after a long run. Now about 6 weeks after getting them I am healed and I ran distance the entire time. I still wear them for a couple days after I do my 10-20 mile long runs just in case. I’m doing about 30 miles a week pain free and the only thing I did different was add the inserts to my daily wearing shoes (not training with them). Also, my Dad (64 years old) had been suffering from PF for about 5 months to the point where he could no longer walk normal in the mornings. I begged him to buy the inserts and try them. He finally did and 3 days later he called me and said that he could walk in the mornings again. It has been a few weeks now for him and he has bought several pairs of the inserts for all his shoes. I just rotate them in and out of mine. Thank you so much for this product. The doctors were ready to tell me that I could no longer run for 6 months or more and now for like 30 bucks I’m running and marathon training pain free. Incredible! I’m telling everybody I know about these things.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I have worn out a pair of your heel seats and I’m getting 2 more. We nurses are on our feet all day. These are the absolute best things ever made. My plantar fascitis was gone in 1 week. My heels dont throb anymore. I have recommended you to others. -I can’t say enough good!
Testimonial from Amazon I read about these heel seats on the Sparkpeople, Plantar Fasciitis Team Page. The Heel Seats conformed to my feet within a day and now I don’t even notice them inside my workout shoes. Since using them I have been able to progress from beginning aerobic activities to higher impact moves.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain WOW!!! These things really work! Why in the world don’t doctors hear about this and prescribe it immediately. If I didn’t Google your website, I would be taping my foot and going to doctors for years instead of getting instant relief from your product. I’m skeptical of lots of stuff, but this really works!! Why don’t more people hear about it, because it is a true miracle cure, and that is saying a lot! Thank you so much for a great product, and I will be ordering another pair soon.
Testimonial from Facebook I first bought these almost 5 years ago when I started walking for weight loss and the bone spurs in my heel acted up. I was in such pain that I literally could not take a step without crying. I saw the ad and I read the testimonials and placed an order. They arrived 2 days later on a Friday and I put them in my shoes …immediately. By the time I wnet home from work the pain was almost gone and I walked at the park on Saturday. I finally wore them out and in the last 3 weeks without them I can feel my heel starting to flare up again so I just placed another order. They work. They are great!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I am a runner and have tried several different night splints over the past 10 years to deal with plantar fasciitis flare-ups. I recently bought your night splint and was surprised at the excellent quality and features at such a low price. This is the best night splint I have ever used!
Testimonial from Amazon This product is THE only thing that has helped my heel spurs, and I’ve tried everything!!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I have been using the Heel-That-Pain inserts for a few years now and find that I no longer have problems with pain in my left foot. The product is amazing. I recently had purchased more of the inserts and given a set to my brother-in-law, who was suffering with sore feet. His pain was so much so that he found it difficult to wear his cowboy boots and enjoy country western dancing. Well, since using the product, he now goes out each weekend to enjoy dancing at his favorite nightclubs. In the near future I’ll be buying more replacements for the inserts that I find would be difficult to live without.
Testimonial from Facebook Your heel inserts have been a life saver. Best on the market.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I want to thank HTP for these miraculous heal seats! I am a runner and was unable to run or even walk for nearly 2 1/2 months. I tried different arch supports, shoes and even a very painful cortisone shot in my foot. None of these things worked. I decided to try the heal seats, and immediatly I could walk comfortably. I began running again after about 3 or 4 weeks. I now can run long distances with NO PAIN. I am so grateful for your product!!!
Testimonial from Amazon I am on my feet daily, and over the last 2 months began having major heel pain. First thing in the morning, it’d hurt when I first stepped out of the bed, and during the work day, it’d hurt to put pressure on my heels. It appeared to be plantar fasciitis. After trying new shoes, etc, I bought a set of these. I was kinda leary, but I figured it was worth a shot. I have had them about a week, and the morning pain is nearly gone, and I can make it through the day fairly comfortably. I’m willing to bet the pain will be completely gone within a few weeks. I am buying an extra set for my other shoes. These are great. Well worth a try!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Thank you for contacting me Caylin. but my heel pain is completely gone! The heel seats reduced the pain so much that I was able to walk more comfortably at the large medical center where I worked at that time, and I purchased 2 more sets so I didn’t have to continually switch them between the shoes I frequently wore. I later retired, and now work part time from home as a medical transcriber. I rarely have any discomfort in my heels these days, but continue to use the blue heel seats on days when I will be walking more than usual. They have been, and are wonderful, and I continue to tell people about them when someone mentions having heel pain.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain My prefered exercise is running. I have not be able to run consistantly for several months. The pain I have is at the connection point of the achilles tendon and the back of the heel. I have been to a foot doctor and his recommendation was a heel cup and Solarez Gel three times a day which I have done for 60 days. Walking is no problem but as soon as I start to run I feel a pulling pain in the heel.It feels like I amdamaging the affected area. I really want to run again. Your HTP planatar fasciitisis incert worker great and I could run again after using one week. The PF injury was my left foot the heel pain is my right foot
Testimonial from Amazon I am finally relieved of 3 years of pain. I am running again without pain in my heel. I do not use in running shoes. The daily walking around at work provides much relief.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain It’s really refreshing to see that the art of customer service has not been lost! =) Far too often you buy a product and then you never hear from a company again. The splints have been awesome. I have actually recommended them to other runner friends of mine that suffer from the same heel issue. I always tell people that at some point in your life it is not “if it happens”, but rather “when it happens” everyone will eventually suffer from plantar fasciitis. I wore the splints every single night for nearly a month. Each day when I woke up, I had NO heel pain, as those first few steps in the morning used to be a killer for me. I am now down to wearing the splints 3 or 4 times a week, and I will be down to 3 night very soon, and eventually not at all. Thanks for the follow up. The product works as advertised! =)
Testimonial from Facebook Hey,got the heel seats and feels much better.The stretches help me the most. I do them twice a day.What a difference!!!!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Your heel that pain product has worked wonderfully for me. Please use my name as a reference for your product if you wish to.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I’m a bartender, and have been dealing with the pain of plantar fascitis for about 6 months. I found your website a couple of weeks ago, and started using the taping method from the video immediately (of course ordered the night splint and heel seats as well) My customers noticed I was walking a little better with the taping, so I told them about your site, and products – just received them before my shift yesterday, and wow was I amazed at the effectiveness! My testimonial is ongoing through word of mouth. When I believe in a product, I make sure everybody knows. As a former fitness instructor, I get a lot of health related questions at the bar – your products are definitely at the top of my list!
Testimonial from Facebook AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! Ok, I can finally quit crying about my feet hurting sooooo bad and ankles swelling twice the normal size. My sister introduced me to some funny looking (gel) heel cups. They actually made my feet feel amazingly better the first few steps I took. Check them out.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I have just ordered my 5th pair of heel seats. Two have gotten a little worn (after 1 year of daily use) and I will put those in seldom worn shoes. This product is fabulous! Other orthotics were $200 to $400. Doctors wanted to cut into me. After I wore these for 1 week, the pain in my heel was substantially less, after 2 weeks, virtually gone. I rarely endorse a product, but I felt I had to on this!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Do yourself a favor and do a Google search for “heel that pain”. You will find a web site that has an appliance that goes into your shoe that really help me. I suffered with the same thing that you have for over a year and two different podiatrists did not help me. I went through shots, custom made appliances, and even wore a brace for months and nothing worked. All I can say is you need to give them a try.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I never would have believed Heel-That-Pain could have made as big a difference as it has. I found myself afflicted with heel spurs this winter. I’m pretty sure that’s what they are – my Mom suffered from them for years and finally had surgery several years ago. I could hardly walk, and tried a lot of pads and supports from the drug store. I found you guys and decided to give it a shot. I am glad I did. I can even go bare foot for a short time in the mornings now.My feet aren’t perfect, but I can’t believe how improved they are since I started wearing the heel seats. I’m doing the stretches I find on your website, and also losing weight – I’m pretty sure that is going to make a big difference as well. Working out isn’t torture now. I ordered 2 more pairs for my other shoes. Also, I convinced a coworker (and fellow heel pain sufferer) to try your product. He just started wearing his, so we’ll see how they work for him.

You guys are wonderful. Any time I hear someone complain about their feet, I tell them what a difference H-T-P has made for me, because feeling pain with every step one takes is just awful.

Testimonial from Facebook These are the best ever! As a tennis player and runner, I’ve been wearing them for several years now and have had no PF pain since. I have recommended them to countless friends and strangers (especially in running stores or shoe stores when I overhear them talking about their pain!). Love my heel seats!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I received the heel seats and all I can say is THANK YOU!!!!! The horrific pain (on a scale of 1-10, mine was close to 20 – is 99% gone. Within minutes of inserting them, I could actually walk without grimacing and having to hop around. I don’t understand how they work, I just thank God that they do. As soon as I can, I’m going to order 4 more sets for all my shoes. I had been in such agonizing pain with my left heel – like a needle-like spike was being driven into my heel – that I was in tears – or close to it – on a constant basis. This is a wonderful product. It is so good, in fact, that when I remove my shoe, I can actually walk barefooted (just a little) again. I am in love with heel seats!!!!! Please feel free to use my testimonial for all those poor people who are still in agony with their feet.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain You are a Godsend! Thank you so much for your free exercises and heel supports. I have had heel pain for quite a while and in less than a week I have seem a great improvement. THANK YOU. You have given me my life back.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Thank you so much for the concern. Your product is great. I developed Plantar Fasciitis when I was in the Navy. They made a pair of orthotics which seem to work. Guess they wore out. Pain was unbearable. I am a letter carrier with a foot route. Therefore my feet is my bread and butter. I ordered your product with skepticism. After about a week the pain went away. As you can see by my account history this is the second pair. I don’t regret the decision to buy your product. I will recommend your product to other carriers andri friends who develop foot problems. Feel free to use this as a testimonial to your product.
Testimonial from Amazon I have suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for about 18 months. Advil and icing were no longer giving any relief. I was desperate as the PF was getting debilitating. These Heal Seats gave me great relief from day 1. I wish there was an option for securing them into shoes. I am wearing them with Birkenstocks and they do tend to slip out. This wouldn’t happen with a more closed shoe style, though. Highly recommend.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I generally never take the time to comment about products, but THANK YOU for your product. My heel pain is gone and I can now perfom my job pain free, stop complaining to my co-workers about my achy feet, go on my evening walks, and go out with my friends.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain After several years of severe heel pain and walking on my tip toes I thought I would try your product the Heel Seats. To be honest I was very doubtful they would work. I have tried all of the other products from stores and doctor offices and still had pain in my heels. After receiving my Heel Seats and putting them in within a few days the pain was totally gone and has never returned. I have recommended these to several people that I have came in contact with, even went as far as giving a new pair to a lady who worked at our Home Depot who was in bad shape with heel pain. Since then she has no heel pain. Another believer of Heel Seats.
Testimonial from Facebook I received the HTP heel seats 10 days ago. I have been wearing them ever since. I walked all over Legoland for two days this past week with some pain towards the end of the day because I had been on my feet all day long. With stretches and icing, I am back the next day with minor pain. The HTP heel seats definitley he…lped me with my PF. I think the HTP heel seats are definitely working, but don’t forget to do persistent stretching and icing. I would do the PF taping and wear the heel seats for exercise. 🙂
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I started using the HTP shoe inserts the day they arrived in the mail (about 2 months ago). I also went back to walking (my favorite exercise) with a goal of building up to 10,000 steps a day. I am currently able to walk just over 8,000 a day and my heels are free of pain! I would say that from, perhaps, the second day that I wore them, my heels stopped bothering me. This is a wonderful blessing for me, especially since I have had a bad case of plantar fasciitis for about 10 years. Your product does exactly as its name indicates and I am overjoyed!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I love your product! I have been ordering it for myself, friends and family. I had suffered so much, had cortizone shots, bought all kinds of shoes and inserts and found only relief from your product. I have been helping others and I do exercise my feet by using a bag of cement that I have in my garage. One recommendation, have you guys thought about offering it in a black or brown color instead of blue? Also, they fit perfectly with the Crocs shoes, it is the perfect combination, may be you want to contact them and combine both products. Thanks again, I owe your company my happiness, I had suffered so much for two years until I found you.
Testimonial from Amazon Im a runner, currently training for the disney marathon. I started with the awful plantar fascitis issues 2 months ago, just bought my first pair of the heel seats and they do give a lot of support to the exact arch area where i have the source of my pain. Result … i can get back to my training, on top of that i recommend taping the foot for those that are trying to do some sport & suffering from plantar fascitis. All in all this is an awesome complement, im about to order my second pair for my daily shoes. Thanks
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Hi, I just wanted to write to let you know how much I LOVE my HTP inserts. I was to the point where I was missing work for days because I simply could not walk on my right foot any longer. And I had tried EVERYTHING you name it, I’ve tried it. After 2 days of wearing your inserts, I walked like nothing was wrong with my foot. Although I still have tenderness and bouts of pain, it is nothing like the pain I had before. My life has improved because of it. I can be more active without suffering later. I have 2 pair but I will buy more just to have them in every pair of shoes I own! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I received my heel seats today just before I started my activities. Have had plantar fasciitis and heel pad thinning for 5 months so have tried many heel cups, cushions, etc. Had I known about your product sooner, I would have bought them sooner. Better late than never. They are doing what the ads claim they will do…I walked today for 8 minutes without pain. I am receiving appropriate treatment for both conditiions (finally) and these heel seats will be a tremendous support during my recovery. Thank you for sharing this technology with us and thank you for shipping your product to Canada.If I could, I would print it on a billboard!!!! Yes, you may use all or part of my comments as and when you choose. Keep up the great work and I, for my part, will show your product to the canadian memorial chiropractic college (the only chiropractic post secondary educational centre in Canada that trains chiropractors). My chiropractor will see them on tuesday and I think he will be impressed. I will bring the box and the name of your website for his reference. He may wish to share the info. With his colleagues across the country.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain THANK YOU!!! I only had mmy heel seats for 1 day now, but I have to tell you how grateful I am for the IMMEDIATE pain relief. I’ve had such severe pain from my plantar fascitis that sometimes in the morning it takes me 10 minutes to walk from my bedroom to my living room, about 25′ away. The pain worsens throughout the day and keeps me from walking for my health, shopping, and doing outdoor things away from home and my recliner. I had custom made $350 orthotics, and EVERY heel cushion on the market. I went on an overnight trip with my adult daughter and walked (in pain)all around Lake Placid, NY. – unbelievable pain when I got home. Thankfully, I found you by chance on the Internet last week and ordered what I thought would be another pair of heel cups for my closet. Well, they arrived the afternoon I returned and I immediately put them in my sneakers, although I was experiencing excruciating pain already from all the walking. It felt like a miracle! I haven’t felt such relief in years, since cortisone injections helped for about 1 month! I walked around the house that evening with my new heel seats in my shoes and called everyone I knew to tell them how my pain was finally gone! Better yet, I woke up this morning and walked right into my living room with no problem. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the relief! I doubted all the testimonials but now I can’t believe I’m one of them! Thank you again!
Testimonial from Amazon Great service – fast shipping. The product is good quality, but I can’t say it will correct/cure plantar problems. No matter, the seller still gets an A+!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I experienced relief the same day your heel pads arrived. I know that sounds like an exaggeration in as much as I could hardly walk because of heel pain that just started in the middle of the night. I just ordered two more pairs and will share one with my daughter, who is having foot problems. I’m enjoying the extra pair. It’s nice not to have to change every time I change shoes. I even wear them in my house slippers. I’m glad I found your ad on the Internet. I read dozens of testimonials that first night when I was experiences so much pain and figured it was worth a try. It certainly was…and is.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain My feet have been feeling great ever since I began using your heel seats. About 2 weeks after I started using them, I have been pain free. I wear them daily when I walk for exercise and also when I go to the gym. I average 70 minutes of aerobic activity a day 365 days of the year, walking outdoors, using a treadmill, and an elliptical. Plantar Fasciitis is in my past now and I feel no pain and enjoy my daily workouts. I average over 10,000 steps daily and over 8,000 steps at an aerobic level and feel great. I keep a pair of heel seats in my outdoor walkers and my gym shoes so I am always ready to go. Oh, by the way, I am 68 years young.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Great to see “Outstanding Customer Service”. My heel is 95% better.. Thanks to you guys.. I can tell you wearing the heal support made quite a difference. I’m back to running daily (almost pain free).. The only time I have pain is when I wear sandals.. Please feel free to use my comments in any of your ad’s..Please note: Last July is when my heal began to hurt.. In one day after wearing you heal supports its almost totally disappeared.. Today I ran for 1 -1/2 hours. Many Thanks
Testimonial from Heel That Pain It was nice to hear from a representative of Heel That Pain. I have been thinking about sending a note to your company for some time now but, frankly we have been out of the country so much in the last few months that I could never make the time, even though I should have. I guess that every one that orders your product has a story. My story I think is very interesting. I had plantar fasciitis a number of years ago. In fact I had a complete “break down” in Prague, Czech Republic while walking in the pedestrian shopping distinct. I told my wife I could not walk any more and that I had to sit down. We sat knowing that our car was “light years” away and I could see the worry on her face as she tried to figure out how a 5’8″ 140 lb lady was going to “carry” a 6’5″ 270 lb guy to the car!!! Thank goodness for some unknown reason the pain let up enough so that we could walk back to the car. In fact the pain was still there but, I used the tennis ball that I always had with me and “rolled and rolled” it that night and I was able to continue walking the rest of that trip.I guess it healed over the next years but then other things started to happen to my feet. I will not bore you! Now comes to the good part as far as your company is concerned. Two years ago my Achilles started to give me trouble. Unfortunately as my wife and I travel about once a month to places like Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Thailand etc. for pleasure and I was unable to really take care of this problem (stupid me).

Seven months ago on a trip to Austria via Brussels my foot and leg gave out the same way it did in Prague at the immigration office at the Brussels Airport. A very uncomfortable position for my wife again. Again I steeled myself and made it through this trip. However the jig was up and I needed to go to the Dr. I did and he recommended that I go to a PT. I started to go three times a week but, frankly my Achilles was not getting any better and the two heal spurs and calcium deposit where the Achilles connects at the back of my foot were not getting any better either. Each and every step I took it was like three ice picks digging into my foot! It was excruciating!

Another Dr. friend of mind saw me one day and told me to get a “walking plastic boot” which I did. It immobilized the Achilles and after three months the Achilles was finally better. But the heal spurs were not. One night after a particularly bad day at which time I broke down to my wife and asked why me, I got up at 3:00AM in the morning to surf the net for a solution to the problem. Why didn’t I do this years ago??? After all I had gone to San Francisco to visit a noted Orthopedic Doctor who specializes in feet and he told me to go to a running shoe store and check out every foot appliance that is made as they ultimately are better than the custom ones I had.

At 4:00AM I will never forget that moment I found your web page. I looked at it saw the basketball people who you have on your page that recommend your product and I said what do I have to loose. After all yours is the only product that I had found that had a 12-15 size offering. As I now wear a 12 1/2 4E this was the ticket! I could not wait for them to come. They came in two or three days. I rushed home when my wife said that they had arrived. I opened the package put them in my shoes and started to walk around the kitchen where I first put them in my shoes and began to walk. My G-d did they hurt.. so damn good that I could not believe it!!!!!! They hit right where the pain had been excruciating and did it feel good. I looked at my wife and I got to tell you that as an A male I do not cry very much, but, I did at that moment! I asked my wife if she thought it could be this “easy”? She said you remember what the Dr. in CA said don’t you? Each and everyday thereafter my foot kept getting better and better. One weekend morning I walked out of the bedroom into the kitchen to join my wife for breakfast where I with tears in my eyes informed her that I no longer had any pain in my foot!!! For your information it was about four weeks after they had arrived.

She looked at me and said are you sure? I told her I was sure!!! My foot continues to get better and better and it is all because of your product. I have recommended your product to countless people in Miami. I know that a number of them have actually bought them and I also know that they have either called me or come to our house to personally thank me for recommending your product to them. I do not normally write these kinds of letters but, I have to write this one to your company. You saved my life and I wanted to tell you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Testimonial from Facebook Great product. Had plantar fasciitis in BOTH feet. HTB inserts relieved the pain within a week. I’ve been pain free ever since. I bought enough heel inserts to wear in all my shoes.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain Yes I first purchased a treatment for myself about 2 years ago then another for me about a year ago. Now I have in the last week purchased two more. One for each of my sisters. The youngest called complaining about her feet, said the doctor wanted her to go the a specialist. I said not until you try HeelThatPain. So I purchased her a pair. Then my older sister called within 36 hours and said almost the same thing. So I purchased her a set of them. I had tried to talk to them both about trying them over the last two years and they refused to talk. But now that they might have to face hundreds of dollars for something they are listening.Two years ago I was almost crippled. I was in so much pain that I could barely stand up without aid. I had been to several doctors and been treated with many different inserts and exercises. I am turning 61 and have had this problem since I was 13 or so. I was searching the internet to treat myself and forget the doctors when I found your product. After the money I spent on inserts that didn’t work, and after the research I had been doing, these sounded wonderful so I purchased my first pair. Within days I was much better. Within a year I was almost human again. And now I can walk to a from work, about 1/4 mile in about 12 minutes. And do it without any pain at all.

I suppose I might even be able to go without the inserts but at this point I feel as long as I am on my feet for 8 hours or longer that it is best to continue to protect my feet as best I can. So I continue to not only purchase them for myself but for my friends and family. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. And your product is one of those that I can not tell people about to often. I say “What do you mean go to the Doctor or the ‘Good Feet’ people. Try these, you’ll never want anything else.” Course maybe I am wrong but no one has proved it yet so I will continue to be a “Heel That Pain” Pusher and be proud of it.

Testimonial from Amazon Best off the shelf product I have to date to correct plantar fasciitis. Pain free since I started using these HTP Heel Seats. Strongly recommended.
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I absolutely love my inserts from Heel that Pain. I now have 3 pair and have them in different shoes for inside and outside and barn boots as we live on a small farm. I have referred several people to your website and have had friends use them and got great relief. I even referred my chiropractor, but, they sell their own, which is a bummer as these are more cost effective and they WORK! Thanks again for such a great product! I will be ordering more so I don’t have to pull them out of one pair for another!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain I recently bought a pair of your Gel Heel Seats as a last ditch effort to help with a severely bruised heel in order to compete in a contest last week. I am amazed at how much these helped not only in my shoes but in my wakeboard bindings! I have been a professional wakeboarder for 10 years, I can only say I wish I would have had your product as I am almost certain it would have saved me a lot of minor injuries and pain!
Testimonial from Heel That Pain When I researched these heel seats, which was about a month ago, I was in so much pain I couldn’t even put my foot down on the floor. I’m an avid tennis player and play approx. five to six times per week. Of course, in so much pain I had to give up some of my games……..and then out of desperation, I sent for your heel seats. At first they hurt my arch – but my heel was not so intense so I stuck with them and wore them everyday in all my shoes and in about two weeks my arches didn’t hurt anymore and, the best part is that I’m back on the tennis court with absolutely no pain in my heel. I’m thrilled. I think this is a great product. Now if you could only send me something to help my backhand!!!
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