Flat Feet Treatment

There are different treatment options for flat feet. For some people, a simple change in footwear can be the answer to being pain free. Proper footwear should offer great support and stability throughout the arch of the foot. If footwear does not improve the pain of your flat feet, insoles or custom orthotics can be used to aid in arch support.

In certain extreme cases of flat feet, surgery may be needed to help stabilize the foot bones and improve support throughout the foot, improving function. Depending on the severity of the case, which should be determined by a podiatrist or orthopedist, surgery is an option for the correction of flat feet.

Insoles are an excellent and economical option for the treatment of flat feet. Depending on the type of shoe you are wearing, there are full-length arch supports and 3/4 length arch supports, all of which come in many different options. Full-length inserts are recommended for athletic and casual shoes, while the 3/4 length inserts are designed for dressier shoes. If you have flat feet, it is important to avoid high heels as often as possible; high heels are a main cause of flat feet. Arch supports come in varying styles with lots of cushion for the arch as well as heels or simple leather arch supports that are more stiff and supportive. When choosing an arch support for flat feet it is best to consider what type of activity you plan on doing and the level of support you need.

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