Flat Feet

Flat feet, also known as overpronation, occurs when the arch of the foot becomes fully collapsed or rolls inward. The lack of crucial arch support causes the pressure from walking to shift to other parts of the foot, which can cause intense pain. If flat feet are left untreated, the condition can cause pain and since the feet are the foundation of the body, the condition of flat feet can cause serious foot and lower body joint problems.

Flat feet can be present at birth or develop overtime, often times being a hereditary condition. Flat feet can develop later in life from foot abuse due to weak muscles in the feet from heavy strain or aging, standing or walking for long periods of time in high heels, or wearing shoes that do not provide arch support.

The main symptom of flat feet is arch pain. If you are experiencing arch pain, it is possible that you have flat feet. As the arch begins to drop, daily activities and walking can become very uncomfortable. Overpronation is another symptom of flat feet and you may notice that your walk has changed with most of the weight on the inner border of the foot.

With flat feet, the foot becomes less supportive overall. The depression of the arch puts more strain on the ligament and tendons that support the foot and ankle and overtime, if the condition is not properly cared for, the bones can collapse. People who suffer from flat feet are more likely to develop heel spurs, ankle sprains, hip or lower back pain and oftentimes, arthritis.

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