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Heel Pain while Cycling

If you are active and suffer from plantar fasciitis, staying off your feet is probably difficult. However, continuing to run, play tennis, do gymnastics, or play basketball will only increase your heel pain. These activities are all high impact exercises that put a lot of stress of your feet. Finding a low-impact activity seems like a great alternative to allow you to reap the benefits of exercise and avoid heel pain. Because of this, many people try cycling.

Biking Is Not Without Risk

Cycling is a great sport, and while it is low impact, it is not without risk. Many people suffer a lot of injuries due to cycling. A lot of the pain that results from this activity is usually related to poor bike fit, improper riding technique, or inadequate gear. Sometimes a minor negligence in preparation can result in an injury later on.

Many individuals seeking a new sport to avoid heel pain are often naive about cycling. They do not prepare properly. They ride their bikes with the wrong footwear and they do not focus on what they are supposed to be doing. This causes them to place unnecessary pressure on the bike pedals.

Heel Pain

When cyclists wear inappropriate shoes, they often suffer with heel pain. There are specific cycling shoes designed to protect the soles of the feet when a person is pedal. Also, if your feet get hot when riding, there are some companies that make cycling sandals. Regardless of the option you choose, having the proper gear is vital to the cycling experience and necessary to avoid injury.


Additionally for cyclists who are experiencing heel pain, treatment is available. Try resting your feet for a few days. Then, make sure that you are stretching properly before you ride. There are specific stretches that will allow you to stretch the foot properly. Also, icing the foot is always beneficial. And if the pain does not go away, taking advantage of heel pads is a great option to relieve pain throughout the day.

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