Heel Pain Treatment


Is heel pain slowing you down? When it gets bad, heel pain makes it harder to work, exercise, run errands, and enjoy family time.

But there is good news!

Most heel pain is easy to treat using conservative at-home methods.

Heel Pain Treatments

Heel pain can be caused by a variety of different factors, often making treatment options confusing. There are a number of treatment options available so it important to look at the benefits and main functions before choosing one that may fail to relieve you of heel pain.

The first step towards treatment is rest. Refrain from putting any additional stress on the inflamed or painful area of your foot.

Avoid running long distances or participating in any exercise that puts repetitive pounding and weight on the heel of the foot. If there are any recreational or occupation related activities that can be contributing to stress on the foot, it is best to limit or refrain from those activities.

Top At-Home Treatments for Heel Pain

In addition to resting, there are several other initial heel pain treatment options that are affordable and can be done from home.

Icing can help pain to some degree and reduce inflammation. In addition, in some cases anti-inflammatory medications can also be helpful. Although these methods may reduce some pain temporarily, they do not provide adequate long-term relief nor are they effective in treating the specific cause of heel pain.

Orthotic Heel Pain Treatments

In many cases, orthotic devices are the smartest solution for treating heel pain. Heel Seats can give the heel of the foot the added support it needs to relieve the pain associated with the plantar fascia ligament and around the heel of the foot. With an orthotic such as HTP Heel Seats, acupressure is applied precisely where it is needed as your weight shifts, reducing and preventing pain associated with the heel of the foot.

Heel Seat orthotics are the top heel pain treatment because they:

  • Are available in a number of sizes in order to fit your specific needs
  • Are specially researched and formulated to meet strict anatomical specifications
  • Move seamlessly with the movements of your foot, allowing you to relieve heel pain and reverse the cause of the heel pain while also making sure not to interfere with your daily lifestyle

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Heel Pain Surgery

Sometimes, heel pain sufferers consider surgery as a method of heel pain treatment. Usually, heel pain does not require surgery to treat the condition. Only in the most serious cases of heel pain, after other treatment methods have failed, does surgery need to be considered as an option.

Heel Seats are usually preferable to heel pain surgery. They are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other treatment options such as night splints and surgery. They are also much more comfortable, and do not interfere with your lifestyle. Heel Seats also have very certain results: a 99.7% success rate in treating heel pain, and carry a 100% money-back guarantee. When considering heel pain treatment, the best option is the one that has proven results while saving you money and can be integrated seamlessly into your life.

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