Massage for Heel Pain

If you suffer from any kind of pain, one of the most natural responses is to massage the area. In some cases, this can actually be an effective remedy.

Self-massage can be easily performed on the feet and heels, and it is a great way to provide temporary pain relief and stimulate blood flow to the area.

Massage is a Quick Home Remedy for Heel Pain

While massaging the bottom of your foot is not a permanent treatment option for plantar fasciitis, it will allow you to quickly relieve pain you are experiencing in the short-term, and it is more effective than simply resting your feet.

Massage can be performed any time throughout the day when you are experiencing heel pain, making it convenient and accessible. Whether your feet hurt after you exercise, when you get home from work, while watching TV, first thing in the morning, or any other time throughout your day, you can perform self-massage to help relieve pain.

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Massaging the Plantar Fascia

Massaging the bottom of your feet and manually stretching your plantar fascia ligament will help relieve your pain. Focus on the base of your heel where your plantar fascia ligament meets your heel bone, and massage in a circular motion with your thumbs. You can also apply pressure and massage lengthwise along the plantar fascia ligament from the ball of your foot down to the base of the heel bone.

When performing a self-massage on your feet, you should apply as much pressure as you comfortably can, but not so much that you are creating additional pain.

Other Options for Self-Massage

Performing self-massage and stretching your plantar fascia ligament with your hands will help stimulate blood flow to the area and relieve pain.

If it is not comfortable to massage your feet by hand, there are a variety of assistive tools that can help you massage your heel. Heel massagers are available for purchase online or in some athletic stores, or you can use massage tools like a golf ball, tennis ball, or water bottle.

To massage your feet with a ball or water bottle, sit in a chair with your feet facing forward. Place the ball under your foot, and roll it along the bottom of your foot applying as much pressure as is comfortable. Using a frozen water bottle to massage your heels can be especially effective because the cold will help reduce inflammation in addition to the benefits of the foot massage.

Are You Massaging Your Feet Correctly?

Massaging your feet by hand or with an assistive tool is very simple. The only thing to keep in mind is that the massage should not be causing any additional pain, but should quickly relieve the pressure and pain in your plantar fascia ligament. If you experience pain try massaging more gently, or consider a different method of home treatment for heel pain.

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