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Heel Pain, Sandals and the Summertime Blues

Many of us cope with winter darkness, snow and rain by dreaming of better weather to come! It’s one of the best days of the year when we get to take out our summer duds and get outside to catch some of that sun we’ve missed all through the cold months. For most of us, sandals are the perfect symbol of that new-found warm weather freedom, but if your footwear choices end up sidelining you with heel pain, it can put a big damper on summertime pleasures. This article will help you have a heel pain-free summer by teaching you about poor and smart shoe choices, including special sandals for heel pain and the condition known as Plantar Fasciitis!

Get To Know The Worst Heel Pain Sandal Culprits

Flip Flops – Whether you call them ‘flip flops’, ‘zoris’ or ‘thongs’, these familiar summer footwear options may be easy on your wallet, but they are also typically made of the cheapest possible materials and offer zero arch support or heel padding. Your feet coming down on hard pavement or slippery sand, with nothing between your sole and the surface but a thin later of foam, plastic or straw, can place undue stress on the ligaments, muscles and bones of your feet. Do your heels or other areas of your feet start hurting once you switch to flip flops? Time to switch again, to a sandal that stands up to your summer activities while protecting the health of your feet!

Jelly Sandals – Perhaps one of the goofiest turns fashion footwear has ever taken, these popular jelly sandals are made of plastic and nothing more. Imagine wrapping your feet in a couple of plastic water bottles and you’ll have a good picture of the lack of support these types of sandals offer. Don’t be tempted by the fun colors or low price tags – jelly sandals lack the cushioning and arch support that your feet need.

Poorly-made Sandals – Every spring, department stores fill their shelves with a rainbow array of fashion sandals. They may have beads, sequins and big plastic jewels on them, but if the soles are thin, flat and non-supporting, you’re putting your feet at risk for a multitude of ailments wearing them. Heel pain, Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs, Achilles Tendinitis and Morton’s Neuroma are all possible outcomes of impulse buys of low-quality summer sandals. The pain of these health problems can be moderate, or it can be so severe that you develop a limp, back problems and a serious case of the blues because your ability to have an active summer has been reduced by the pain being caused by your sandals.

So, how can you enjoy wearing sandals without putting your well-being at risk?

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Invest As Much Care In Choosing Sandals As You Would In Choosing Closed Shoe

Those bargain bins of flip flops and jellies can compel us to make a snap-decision buy of appealing-looking but low-quality summer sandals. Don’t give into that urge this year! Instead, consider that summertime may be your most active season of the year. After all, the cold and inclement weather many regions experience during fall, winter and even spring tends to encourage us to participate in more sedentary, indoor activities. It’s when summer comes that we’re most on the go, on the beach, at the park, at the pool, hiking, running and playing. Your feet require the most – not the least – support when your lifestyle is at its most active. Consider these good options:

Well-made Sandals – There are respected, high-end shoe brands that pride themselves on building adequate support into their sandals. Don’t mistake fanciness for being truly high-end when it comes to footwear. Proper shoes feature excellent heel padding, contoured arch support and a roomy fit around the toes. The upper parts of well-made sandals should not chafe skin or bind the toes together so that they become irritated. For many people, finding a good, supportive sandal will be enough to ensure a pain-free summer, but if you are prone to heel pain or have a condition like Plantar Fasciitis, you may need to take one step further!

HTP Heel Seats Sandals – Heel That Pain holds the patent to the clinically-proven Fascia-Bar, a technology specifically designed to treat the underlying causes of heel pain, Plantar Fasciitis and heel spurs. Our famous HTP Heel Seats have helped thousands recover from these painful ailments and, coming soon, we will be offering an exceptional new product: HTP Heels Seats Sandals! If your suffer from chronic heel pain but still want to have the fun and freedom only a pair of summer sandals can give, please check back again soon for the launch of this breakthrough footwear. Our sandals will look great on the beach or on the town, while simultaneously treating the cause of your heel pain with a technology developed over 30 years of research and that you won’t find in any other sandals on the market. If heel pain gives you the summertime blues, consider HTP Heel Seats Sandals the cure!

Heel That Pain wishes every customer a fun, heel pain-free summer!

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