Ultrasound for Heel Pain

Medical research has increased treatment options for various conditions. Years ago, if you suffered from a disease you had one treatment option if you were lucky. Today there are usually several – and often others in the works. Therefore, if the first attempt at treatment does not work, you can always try another alternative. Many people feel this way about treating their heel pain from plantar fasciitis. They have tried it all. However, one of the new trends to treat heel pain is ultrasound therapy.

Ultrasound Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Pain

For many people, ultrasound therapy is an effective form of treatment for heel pain. It sends sound waves to the injured, painful area. These waves move at a frequency of one million vibrations per second. They can penetrate over 2 inches into the body providing the targeted relief you are looking for.

Benefits of Ultrasound Treatment

There are many benefits to this type of treatment for heel pain. First, the penetrations from ultrasound therapy reach deep enough to affect the plantar fascia. This area is often inflamed and one of the reasons so many people suffer from foot pain. Through ultrasound therapy, the fascia tendons and surrounding tissue can be soothed. In addition, there is an increase in tissue relaxation of the muscles and ligaments. This helps stimulate blood flow and reduces swelling. Because of the increased blood flow, the tissues receive more oxygen and nutrients. In addition, waste in the tissue is removed, helping to heal the area.

Disadvantages of Ultrasound Treatment

While ultrasound therapy is a great treatment method to relieve heel pain, it is not a permanent solution. Regular treatments are often necessary to prevent the heel pain from reappearing. For many people, it works well to supplement their current treatment methods with ultrasound therapy. Combining the two allows for better treatment of the feet and provides quicker relief of heel pain.

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