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Heel Spur Treatments

Heel spurs occur when a build-up of calcium forms on the heel bone. In turn, this prods into the generally fatty, soft tissue of the heel pad and causes pain. The bad news: it hurts and bothers you and limits activity. The good news? 90% or more of heel spur sufferers can recover without surgery. But how?

Heel Spur Treatment: The pros and cons of different options

We’ll break this down into a couple of different options, with a pro/con/cost for each.


Pro: Quick relief, essential part of any recovery process
Con: Busy or active people find this challenging
Cost: Free


Pro: Reduces inflammation and provides temporary, safe relief
Con: Takes time, some don’t like the sensation, and if done too long it can be unproductive
Cost: Generally free, or maybe a few dollars for an ice pack

Heel Spur Exercises

Pro: Simple, fast, and aimed at relieving pain
Con: Time commitment isn’t major, but still exists
Cost: Often free, but some stretches involve tennis balls or other inexpensive equipment


Pro: Quick, easy solution that many are comfortable with (i.e. Advil)
Con: All medications carry side effect risks and you must consult with a doctor
Cost: Varies by your medical plan and the specific medicine/shot you’re interested in

Orthotic Inserts

Pro: High success rate for long-term recovery and not invasive at all
Con: Can be cost-prohibitive
Cost: $25-$300+, but consider HTP Heel Seats as an affordable option


Pro: Good option for providing rest to stressed ligaments and muscles
Con: If you do this through physical therapy or doctor visits, can be cost-prohibitive
Cost: Free to do yourself, but can vary by medical plan if you do it that way

New Shoes

Pro: Easy way to reduce issues and you eventually needed new shoes anyway, right?
Con: Time searching, cost
Cost: Varies by brand, typically $70+


Pro: Usually if this has been recommended, the idea is full-on, long-term fix
Con: Invasive, time-consuming, costly
Cost: Varies by medical plan

One of the best things to do when initially considering heel spur treatment options is simply to contact us. The number is 877-215-3200. We’ll start you on a path to heel pain success.

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