Heel Bone Spurs


Heel Bone spurs are located on the bottom of the heel bone. In some situations bone spurs may actually be located on the bottom side portion of the heel bone. Sometimes they aren’t exactly shaped like what they are referred to, as a little spur on the bottom of the bone.

There have been situations where you can actually be born with a heel bone spur or heel bone spurs can be developed. Heel spurs may actually grow on the heel bone due to a number of situations, such as impact to the bottom of the heel bone, possibly motion or friction primarily in the area of the heel bone.

heel bone spurs

heel bone spur
A heel bone spur is actually a type of bone growth that develops on the outside of the bone. A heel spur may actually have a small hook shape to it and they are generally located, but not always, where the plantar fascia ligament attaches to the bottom of the heel bone. In some situations, the heel spur can be on the inside of the heel bone or on the opposite side, the outside of the heel bone.

The heel spur, because it is part of the bone, actually has no feeling in it. The pain that is generated from the heel spur is due to the soft tissue around the heel spur that gets irritated and inflamed and bruised. This is what creates the heel pain from the spur itself.

If you can properly support the heel bone so that friction and motion are reduced, it will allow the soft tissue around the area of the heel spur to heal, and have a reduction in the inflammation and tenderness.

The goal would be to support the heel bone enough so that the heel spur does not dig into the soft tissue. This is achieved by using a HTP Heel Seat with a deep heel cup and proper shape along with other supporting features around the product and the foot.

It is also very important to support the soft tissue around the foot, keep it cupped, and help to hold it in position so it can add more cushioning capabilities around the tender area of the heel.

It is very important when a heels bone spur exists to not only use HTP Heel Seats with a good deep heel cup, but also equally important is to have a good supportive shoe with a strong heel counter around the back of the shoe to give the foot and Heel Seat added support so that they can function properly as a complete system.

Treating Heel Bone Spurs:

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