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Heel Spur Orthotics are among the best ways to treat heel spurs and related conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Orthotic devices are typically simple pads that can be easily placed into a pair of shoes and worn throughout the day to treat the discomfort of heel spurs.

The right pair of heel spur orthotics will not only provide pain relief and additional cushioning for inflamed feet, but will actually help heal the problem that led to the development of heel spurs in the first place.

How Orthotics Target Heel Spurs

Heel spurs often develop in response to a damaged or flattened arch. These small, sharp calcium deposits on the heel bone are the body’s attempt to prop up the damaged fascia. As heel spurs grow, they may protrude into the fatty pad of the heel, causing intense pain and damage.

Fascia Bar Medical Illustration

Heel Spur Orthotics work by cushioning, supporting, lifting, and physically re-stretching the plantar fascia ligament while applying targeted acupressure to stop pain. They also structurally support the heel bone, thicken the fatty pad of the heel, and prevent the arch from collapsing under the impact from walking, running, and jumping. Heel spur inserts have been clinically proven to reduce pain and treat heel spurs, often eliminating the need for costly and painful medical interventions.

The Best Insoles for Heel Spurs

Heel Spur Orthotics are one of the best ways to target heel spurs and related conditions like Plantar Fasciitis. Orthotic insoles can be easily placed into any pair of closed-toe shoes and worn throughout the day to treat pain from heel spurs and prevent damage to the heel pad.

Keep in mind that not all Heel Spur Orthotics are created equal. The best insoles for heel spurs are cost effective, durable, and specifically designed to target both the symptoms and the causes of heel spurs. Look for thick (rather than flimsy) inserts for heel spurs that don’t collapse or fold easily. And research carefully to separate marketing lingo from clinically effective features!

Over the past 30 years, our patented Heel Seats have earned a 95% satisfaction rating from customers around the world. Clinical studies show that Heel Seats are twice as effective as leading heel spur orthotic brands–including Dr. Scholls. We unconditionally guarantee that Heel Seats will outperform any other heel spur orthotic. If our Heel Seats don’t work for you, simply send them back for a full refund.

Heel Seats Vs. Traditional Heel Spur Orthotics

Most drug store orthotics are only designed to add extra cushioning to worn out shoes. Specialized, clinically-proven features that address heel spurs or Plantar Fasciitis are usually reserved for expensive prescription or custom orthotics.

Heel Seats are a specialized, cost-effective alternative to flimsy drugstore competitors and expensive custom options:

Heel Seats

Drug Store Orthotics

Made from soft, durable Kraton™Made from cheap foams or gels
Repel sweat, moisture, and bacteriaAbsorb odors, sweat, and bacteria
Patented Fascia-Bar technology applies targeted acupressureProvide basic cushioning without targeted acupressure
Stand up to use after use without flattening or collapsingCollapse and compress quickly after few uses
Clinically proven to be twice as effective as leading drugstore brandsProven less effective in clinical studies
95% customer satisfaction ratingVariable customer satisfaction rating

Maximizing the Benefits of Your Heel Spur Inserts

The simple act of wearing Heel Seats regularly provides relief for 95% of users. To gain the maximum benefit from your Heel Spur Orthotics, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Expect a brief adjustment period to wearing orthotics. They might feel a little strange at first, but don’t give up!
  • Wear your orthotics daily, whenever possible, to support and cushion your compromised arch
  • Improve the strength, flexibility, and health of your arch by stretching your feet, ankles, and legs
  • Ice your feet as needed for additional pain relief from heel spurs
  • Wear a night splint or sock night splint to keep your arch gently flexed and stretched while you sleep
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