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90% Of Heel Spur Syndrome Sufferers Can Recover Without Surgery

Heel Spur Syndrome occurs when build-ups of calcium form on the heel bone, prodding into the soft, fatty tissue of the heel pad and causing pain. These bony protrusions are a common outcome of Plantar Fasciitis – a condition in which the plantar fascia ligament which spans the arch of the foot develops small tears and inflammation as a result of improper alignment and abnormal flexing. It is thought that these pointed or shelf-shaped formations represent the body’s attempt to support the stressed ligament but, unfortunately, when a person with heel spurs walks, the weight of their body compresses the protrusions into soft tissue, causing moderate to extreme discomfort. If left untreated, heel spurs can wear down the fat pad of the heel and pain can become debilitating. Fortunately, there is good news for heel spur syndrome sufferers! WebMD corroborates the fact that at least ninety percent of individuals suffering from this condition can recover without medications or surgeries. (1)

Understanding heel spur treatments options that are available to you is your first step toward healing from this painful syndrome. We have created the following chart of treatments, including the pros, cons and costs of each option. At a glance, this graph will enable you to form a smart plan for fast relief from your pain and eventual recovery from heel spurs:

Method: Pro’s: Con’s: Cost:
Rest Putting your feet up several times a day is a good way to obtain some quick relief from the pain of heel spurs. This is especially important if you spend significant time on your feet each day. Rest is free and is an essential part of your recovery. Busy people can find it challenging to make time to rest their feet, but this is an essential part of recovering from heel spurs. Athletes may also find it worrisome to have to reduce their their typical regimen so that more time is spent resting. Free.
Icing Icing the bottom of your heel twice a day reduces the inflammation present in both Heel Spur Syndrome and Plantar Fasciitis and provides safe, temporary pain relief. During your rest periods, enhance the therapy you are giving yourself by putting an ice bag on the bottom of your foot for 10-15 minutes. As with rest, icing takes some time out of your schedule. Additionally, some people may not like the sensation of cold on their feet. Pennies for ice or a few dollars for an ice pack.
Heel Spur Exercises Simple exercises that stretch and strengthen the ligaments, tendons and muscles of the foot, ankle and calf can help restore health to the plantar fascia ligament and aid your recovery from heel spurs. Watch our excellent, free Plantar Fasciitis Exercise Videos. Setting time aside to exercise takes a commitment. Some heel spur exercises can be done before you even get out of bed in the morning, but others require finding a place in your home to perform the required stretches. Some exercises require the purchase of a tennis ball or other simple device. Others involve no cost.
Medications Over-the-counter pain killers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen may provide temporary relief but are not a permanent solution to Heel Spur Syndrome. In extreme cases, a doctor may recommend corticosteroid injections if all other remedies fail. All over-the-counter medications carry a risk of side-effects and should only be used if absolutely necessary. Corticosteroids should only be used if prescribed by a doctor after all other treatments options have failed. Many people dislike taking pills or having injections. Medications can be costly. $5 – $100+, depending on insurance
Orthotic Inserts By choosing an orthotic shoe insert specifically designed for the treatment of heel spurs and Plantar Fasciitis, you are greatly increasing your chance of recovery. HTP Heel Seats customers support a success rate of more than 90%. Our orthotics have helped hundreds of thousands of heel pain sufferers live pain-free. Some brands of orthotics costs hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, the HTP Heel Seats cost about as much as a light lunch for two and are built to last a long time. $25 – $500, depending on brand
Taping An orthopedist or physical therapist may tape your foot to reduce motion and provide rest to the stressed ligaments and muscles of the foot. As a method of obtaining rest, this can be a good option for those who wish to seek professional medical assistance. Many people cannot afford physical therapy or frequent doctor visits. Additionally, some people dislike the sensation of having one of their feet bound with tape. Depends on insurance plan, free to do yourself
New Shoes Worn or ill-fitting footwear can directly cause heel spurs and Plantar Fasciitis. Replacing old shoes with new ones that feature proper support is an important step toward recovery. Some individuals wrongly think that fashion has more value than safety or comfort in footwear and may not like to give up a favorite pair of shoes, even though it is causing them pain. You may have to search a little harder to discover shoes that offer both visual appeal and sound support. Purchasing new shoes requires some financial outlay. $20 – $200, depending on shoes
Surgery In extreme cases, a physician may recommend surgical removal of heel spurs, but this should only be considered if all non-invasive treatment options have failed. No one enjoys having surgery. It interrupts normal daily life and requires a recovery period. It may also be a cause of fear. Surgery for heel spurs should only be undertaken in extreme cases. Remember that more than nine out of ten people can recover from heel spurs without invasive procedures. Depends on insurance plan

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You don’t have to put up with the pain of heel spurs, and in fact, trying to ignore your symptoms can result in permanent damage to the structure of your foot. Don’t risk disability. By forming a personal plan that involves rest, icing, stretches and the use of a proper orthotic shoe insert, you have a 90% chance of recovery. You can’t put a value on waking up to a day that is free of pain. At, we believe that every customer deserves to stand, walk and run with ease and we invite you to read testimonials that prove the efficacy of our life-changing orthotics.

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