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Orthopedic Shoes Comparison

Orthopedic shoes are a popular alternative to orthotic shoe inserts. Orthopedic shoes take a much different approach to treating heel pain. Rather than being an accessory or device that is used or applied in addition to shoes, these products are shoes that allow foot treatment to be integrated into the design of the shoe. Because of this, there are many pros and cons to using this treatment method versus a simpler orthotic shoe insert.

Like orthotic shoes inserts, orthopedic shoes can be effective in treating many of the most common foot pain ailments. Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs are two such conditions that can be very painful. When suffering from these conditions, orthopedic shoes and orthotic shoe inserts such as HTP Heel Seats can significantly reduce discomfort and treat the conditions by adding support and reinforcement to parts of the heel and arch of the foot, as well as other crucial areas to reverse symptoms.

Generally, orthopedic shoes are extremely high priced when compared to HTP Heel Seats. Orthopedic shoes can cost anywhere from $50 to well into the hundreds of dollars. With HTP Heel Seats being a fraction of the cost the advantage here is obvious. This is especially noticeable when looking at the positive results of our Heel Seats. Despite costing significantly less than orthopedic shoes, their effectiveness is equally impressive if not more so, with a 99.7% success rate in treating painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

Although fashion may take a backseat to pain and recovering from an aching ailment, it may become a large factor when deciding if orthopedic shoes are the right solution for your needs. With orthopedic shoes you are limited to wearing the specific style of shoes that they come in; no popular brands to choose from and no variety of styles and functions to meet your individual lifestyle and requirements. For some this may not become a significant issue, but for many this presents a huge restriction in regards to individuality and aesthetic satisfaction. This is one of the reasons why HTP Heel Seats are much more attractive to pain sufferers. They are able to be integrated into your lifestyle because they can work to treat the conditions that are plaguing your feet after they are simply slipped into your favorite pair of shoes, while being out of sight and often out of mind.

When looking into orthopedic shoes and other foot pain treatment methods it’s very important to address problems with your feet immediately in order to not only relieve discomfort, but also so that other painful conditions, such as leg, knee, and back pain, do not develop also. If the onset of foot pain is ignored, biomechanical problems as well as other issues can progress and cause serious affects that go beyond those in the foot.

Orthopedic shoes can present a promising option to pain relief. However, there are many aspects to consider before committing to one treatment method. First, the cost of these shoes are significantly higher than other remedies that have equal, if not better results and success in treating foot pain. In addition, unlike other options such as HTP Heel Seats, orthopedic shoes are limiting to many people who are active or want to wear a particular brand or style of shoe. These reasons, combined with the high success rate of HTP Heel Seats, are why those who suffer from pain, particularly from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, should consider treating their pain with the easier, more cost efficient, and more effective method.

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