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Elliptical Exercises

When you suffer from plantar fasciitis exercise can be complicated. The majority of aerobic exercises are high impact. For example, activities like basketball, jogging, hiking, and even walking on hard surfaces can cause your feet to hurt. In order to avoid this pain, many doctors will tell you to simply stay off your feet.

Low Impact Aerobic Exercises

If you refuse to stay off your feet and prefer to be active, you might consider trying more low impact aerobic exercises. These types of exercises will not put as much stress on your plantar fascia. There are a variety of different low impact exercises. One of the most popular is using the elliptical.

Using the Elliptical When You Have Plantar Fasciitis

Many people that suffer from plantar fasciitis use the elliptical machine for exercise. When you use the elliptical, your feet stand in a fixed position throughout the duration of the exercise while your legs do the work. This is an ideal cross-training situation for someone with plantar fasciitis because there is little to no stress on the feet. However, you are still getting a workout.

Additional Benefits of the Elliptical

In addition, many health experts predict that the elliptical may surpass the treadmill in popularity among workout equipment. According to results, the machine will burn approximately the same amount of calories as a treadmill. And utilizing an elliptical will not only reduce the problems associated with plantar fasciitis, but also decrease the risk of injury and future problems.

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