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Physical injuries are common. In fact, you might suffer injuries from accidents, over-exercising, or putting too much stress on your body. And certain areas of the body are more prone to injury. One area that is subject to a variety of different injuries is the foot.

Common Foot Injuries

Many common injuries involve our feet. Often sprains and blisters from running relate to the feet. In addition, athletes also suffer from common foot problems including achilles tendinitis, black toenails, ingrown toenails, and even stress fractures. The high impact and stress on the feet from these athletic activities can result in foot problems. In a like manner, stress on the feet can cause an individual to suffer from plantar fasciitis and plantar fibromatosis.

The Plantar Fascia

There are many reasons why individuals might develop conditions like plantar fasciitis and plantar fibromatosis. However, both seem to involve stress on the plantar fascia – the connective tissue supporting the arch of your foot. Repetitive pressure on the foot or abnormal activity may cause the fascia to suffer from inflammation and possible tears. And interestingly, those with plantar fibermatosis usually have an overgrowth of scar tissue on the fascia.

Plantar Fibromatosis

Plantar Fasciitis is more common among the conditions associated with the plantar fascia. However, plantar fibromatosis is a real problem that many people suffer with. Those that experience this problem have firm bumps or nodules on their plantar fascia. These nodules tend to grow slowly and they vary in their size and location. Also, the rate of their growth is not always consistent. At times the nodules are lie dormant. Then, they begin to grow rapidly for months.

Treating Plantar Fibromatosis

Those that suffer from plantar fibromatosis need to avoid direct pressure on the nodules. Usually the only pain from this condition is when a nodule rubs on a shoe or the floor. Therefore, soft inner soles are recommended to pad the shoes. This helps avoid discomfort. Also, if the nodules from plantar fibromatosis become too painful, most doctors will recommend that they be removed surgically.

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