Ready To Heel That Pain?

Golf Ball Exercise for Heel Pain

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you’ve probably been told several times to stay off your feet. However, staying off your feet is next to impossible if you are training for a marathon, are more active, or work a job that requires you to stand on your feet. And while a doctor can be of help, there are various home remedies that can help.

The Golf Ball Stretch for Plantar Fasciitis

One of the most popular home remedies for plantar fasciitis is using a golf ball to massage the bottom of the foot. In doing so, the infected area receives attention. It helps stimulate blood flow in the foot area and it also works to break down any adhesions on the plantar fascia.

Is It Effective?

Often home remedies are simply remedies and you would be better served in the hands of a qualified doctor. However, using a golf ball is effective against plantar fasciitis. The adhesions on the plantar fascia cause you pain. Therefore, breaking them down by using the golf ball can help to minimize the pain you are feeling.

Use The Golf Ball Stretch Throughout The Day

In fact, many people take advantage of this remedy throughout the day. They utilize the golf ball to massage their feet while they are working at their desks. Others take advantage of this remedy after they work out. In doing so, they are able to reduce the pain they experience from plantar fasciitis.

The Golf Ball Exercise Not A Treatment

Although this is an effective home remedy, it is not a treatment. Using a golf ball to relieve plantar fasciitis pain is a great short-term relief option. In order to continue to experience this relief you will most likely need to perform the remedy often – probably daily.

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