The Plantar Fasciitis Wrap

Many individuals that suffer from plantar fasciitis wrap their feet to eliminate the pain they feel when they walk, exercise, or even sleep. Wrapping your foot is easy and it might eliminate some of the inflammation in your fascia that is causing you pain. All you need is athletic tape. Follow these steps to make sure you properly wrap your foot. Before you begin, make sure your foot is clean and dry.

Step One:

Apply your first strip of tape in a “U-shape”. Start at your big toe and follow the outline of your foot, moving around your heel and ending at your little toe.

Step Two:

Apply an “X-shape” of tape on the bottom of your foot. Place a strip of tape from your big toe to the opposite corner of your heel. Then, place another strip overlapping that one. Apply it from the small toe to the opposite corner of your heel. These strips are diagonal lines and will create an “X” on your foot.

Step Three:

Wrap the tape twice around the bottom of your foot directly below the ball of your foot. This will reinforce the top part of the crossed tape.

Step Four:

Fill in the open areas on the bottom of your foot with short pieces of tape. Make sure that it is smooth to avoid blisters.

Step Five:

Finally, line the bottom of you foot by applying strips of tape from side to side to secure the wrap. This will ensure that the problems associated with plantar fasciitis are minimized.

When you are done with your wrap, only the top of the foot and the toes will be exposed. You will most likely notice a difference in the pain you feel as you exercise. Also, many people wrap their feet while you using products for plantar fasciitis.

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