#GiveHappyFeet With Heel That Pain!

When you tag your Heel That Pain photos on Instagram or Facebook with #GiveHappyFeet and @HeelThatPain, we will donate 1 pair of Heel Seats to Samaritan’s Feet, an incredible organization that provides footwear and orthotics to people in need. Here are the details of the program:

  • Share a photo of your order with us! Take a photo and post it to your Instagram or Facebook page with the hashtag #GiveHappyFeet and @HeelThatPain.
  • Photos must be published publicly. On Instagram this means that your profile must be public. On Facebook, you must set the post to be visible to the public. This is required because it is not possible for us to see and track your posts if it is set to private.
  • Limit one donation per order.
  • This promotion ends June 1, 2019.

Why We Support Samaritan’s Feet

Samaritan’s Feet is an organization whose values align closely with Heel That Pain. 95% of donations are put towards programs donating footwear to those in need.

There are 2.2 billion people who live on an income of less than $2 per day. This makes it hard to afford proper footwear, which can help prevent disease and infection, as well as provide economic and educational opportunity.

Heel That Pain provides financial contributions to Samaritan’s Feet, as well as donating high quality orthotic products. We believe that everyone deserves a good pair of shoes, and we know that we can make a difference to underprivileged people who have foot problems including plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and arch pain.

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