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Introducing the revolutionary new Hybrid Heel Seats! We’ve combined the cushioning relief of gel with the strength and structure of rubber to create an orthotic insert with medium firmness and maximum pain relief:

  • Ideal for beginners or experienced orthotic wearers with sensitive feet
  • Moderate firmness, maximum pain relief
  • Hybrid blend of rubber and gel creates the perfect balance of cushioning and structure!
  • Fits comfortably inside your own shoes–no cramped heels or toes
  • 100% guaranteed — if they don’t work for you, ship them back for a full refund
  • Washable, reusable, and guaranteed effective for 3 months
  • Clinically-proven and backed by science

Hybrid Heel Seats: A New Kind of Blue

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you–that’s a new shade of blue! Hybrid Heel Seats are an entirely new product created by combining firmer Original Heel Seats and softer Gel Heel Seats. 

Enjoy the comfort of gel with the structure and stability of rubber in an all-new medium blue shade that’s halfway between Gel Heel Seats and Original Heel Seats!


A Perfect Orthotics for Beginners

All-new Hybrid Heel Seats are perfect for beginners who don’t have especially sensitive feet. Hybrid Heel Seats are also ideal for experienced orthotic wearers who do have sensitive feet!

If you’ve been newly diagnosed with plantar fasciitis or are new to wearing orthotics, it’s recommended to introduce your feet to orthotics gradually. Start by wearing your Hybrid Heel Seats for a few hours a day, gradually increasing your wear time over 1-2 weeks until you are wearing them full time!

  • Most wearers experience relief within 30 days!
  • Medium pressure and firmness realigns the arch, allowing your plantar fascia to heal
  • The perfect amount of gel provides a soothing cushion that encourages your thin or damaged heel pad to regenerate
  • Replace every 3 months for maximum effectiveness


Mid-Level Firmness, Maximum Pain Relief

Think of Hybrid Heel Seats as the Goldilocks of orthotic inserts–not too firm, not too soft, just right! By combining the strength of rubber with the softness of gel, we’ve created a revolutionary new orthotic insert that delivers maximum comfort and maximum relief.

Hybrid Heel Seats are made for daily wear. Just pop them into almost any pair of closed-toe shoes and go. And unlike most full-length orthotic inserts, they won’t make your shoes feel smaller!


Which Pair of Heel Seats Is Your Perfect Fit?

All feet are unique–which is why we’ve created a new orthotic insert to help you find your perfect fit!. Find a firmness that’s right for you by using this helpful chart:

Whether you prefer our firmer Original Heel Seats, softer Gel Heel Seats, or the new Hybrid Heel Seats, you can feel confident knowing that every pair of Heel Seats we make includes our patented Fascia-Bar Technology — which makes them twice as effective as leading orthotic brands!


Our Tried-and-True Guarantee

Hybrid Heel Seats are new, but our 100% money-back guarantee is the same as always: Love your Hybrid Heel Seats, or send them right back to use for a full refund.

No gimmicks, no fine print. Just orthotic inserts that really work–or your money back. So, what are you waiting for? All you’ve got to lose is the heel pain!


Fast Acting, Clinically Proven, and 100% Guaranteed for Heel Pain

Heel That Pain Heel Seats are a one of a kind product that work quickly to relieve heel pain by applying targeted acupressure to the plantar fascia ligament.

Using all natural healing methods, they work to treat your plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and other heel pain condition, and work to prevent future occurrences and flare-ups.

Plantar Fasciitis Bar Medical Illustration

Heel Seats provide an all natural heel pain cure with the patented Fascia-Bar, a technology not found in any other orthotic or heel cup on the market. A double-blind clinical study done by the University of Iowa concluded that Fascia-Bar technology is twice as effective as other leading brands of orthotic shoe inserts. More than 90% of our customers are satisfied, leaving positive reviews on Heel Seats and Fascia-Bar inserts.


Take Steps along the Road to Recovery

Fascia Bar Heel Pain Without Orthotic Insert Fascia Bar Heel Pain Orthotic Insert
Start taking the right steps to relieve and treat heel pain. The patented Fascia-Bar applies acupressure to relieve heel pain while it works to stretch and strengthen the plantar fascia ligament. Following recovery the Heel Seats continue working to keep the fascia ligament healthy in order to prevent future heel injuries.


All Natural Healing Method Using Your Heel’s Fat Pad

Plantar Fasciitis Fat Pad Fascia Bar for Heel Fat Pad
When the heel bone (calcaneus) becomes agitated it can be quite painful. The Heel Seats are designed to increase the density of the natural fat pad under the heel to soothe the pain away while allowing your body to begin to heal itself. 



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