Ready To Heel That Pain?

The Heel Seat (looks like a shoe pad) is made from KRATON, specially researched and formulated to meet stringent anatomical specifications. These are washable and extremely durable for long-term use. They flex as you walk or run, providing just the right amount of relief as your weight shifts without interfering with the fit of the shoe.

Night Splints are the #1 Rated Overnight Treatment

The Night Splint is medically proven more effective than any other overnight treatment. We guarantee it to be the most comfortable and effective treatment with a 6 month money-back promise.

The standard night splint, or some call it our original night splint, offers versatility and the largest angle of dorsal flexion stretch available. The boot style of this night splint keeps the foot and chosen angle securely in place throughout the night. With the angle selection from 10-30 degress, this brace is great to increase flexibility over time. With dorsal night splints limiting you to only one angle of stretch, standard night splints can progress with you to relieve pain quickly and you will never worry about wasting a night with not enough stretch.

This unique rapid relief splint features a relief tensioner designed to comfortably stretch the plantar fascia and achilles tendon during sleep. The gentle stretch will relieve pain, prevent further damage, and work to cure the painful condition associated with the first step in the morning or after periods of rest. Sleep well and start reducing heel pain with our therapeutic overnight treatment:

  • Soothing from the moment you put it on
  • Just the right amount of stretching for maximum results
  • Easy to put on and comfortable to sleep in
  • Cool, breathable, light weight materials
  • Fully adjustable to fit your size perfectly
  • Clinically proven as the most effective overnight treatment

Receive your Night Splint for $34.95



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Still Not Sure GEL Heel Seats Are The Miracle Your Feet Are Hoping For?

Take just a moment to consider what youll gain if you can finally be rid of the pain of Plantar Fasciitis and heel spurs. Wouldn’t you like to:

  • Get out of the bed in the morning without dreading those first steps?
  • Stand and walk throughout your work day without agonizing pain?
  • Run and play for fun again, like you used to, without ending up limping and hobbling?
  • Greet your day and your loved ones without your temper being strained by chronic pain?
  • Show your feet you appreciate the 5,000 – 10,000 steps they take for you daily by giving them the support they need?
  • Be ready to take on new adventures in life without the fear of future outbreaks of heel pain?

There is a right place to stand, pain-free, with GEL Heel Seats! Get Them Now.