The Perfect Fit Orthotics Kit

Original + Hybrid + Gel Heel Seats


$89.85 $59.90

Deciding between Original, Gel, and Hybrid Heel Seats? Now there’s no need to choose! Enjoy the unique benefits of each style with our discounted Perfect Fit Kit, which includes:

Gel Heel Seats (originally $29.95)

Gel Heel Seats are our softest orthotic insert for soothing support and maximum cushioning. They are ideal for beginners, sensitive feet, or days when you need extra cushioning relief.

Hybrid Heel Seats (originally $29.95)

Hybrid Heel Seats are a medium-firm insert with the perfect blend of cushioning and support, providing the soothing comfort of gel, combined with the structure and stability of rubber.

Original Heel Seats (originally $29.95)

Original Heel Seats are our firmest insert, with rigid structure and support. Get maximum strength to realign and stabilize the arch with this classic product.

Best of all, when you buy this unique discount bundle you qualify for Buy 2 Get 1 Free Pricing (30% savings!)

Find Your Perfect Fit!

Sometimes, you need rigid, structured support. Other days, plush cushioning gel is just what your sore heels crave! And with The Perfect Fit Kit, you’ll get all three unique styles of Heel Seats to wear in your favorite shoes, for a choice of firm, medium firm, or soft support each day!

No matter which type of Heel Seats you wear, you can feel confident knowing that your orthotic inserts check all the right boxes:

  • Clinically proven twice as effective as Dr. Scholls
  • Guaranteed effective for 3 full months
  • Washable, reusable, slip resistant, and bacteria resistant
  • Heel cup provides 360-degree support and stabilizes your gait
  • Targeted acupressure to relieve pain
  • Patented Fascia-Bar Technology to lift and realign the arch
  • Most people feel significant relief within 30 days

Three Pairs of Heel Seats — For the Price of Two!

What could be better than kicking heel pain to the curb with your perfect fit? A discount of course!

When you bundle Original Heel Seats, Gel Heel Seats, and Hybrid Heel Seats in the Perfect Fit discounted bundle, you’ll enjoy buy-two-get-one-free pricing. That’s three pairs of high-quality, clinically proven orthotic inserts–for less than the price of just one pair of custom orthotic inserts. No coupon code needed!

Original Heel Seats: Maximum Structure & Support for Heel Pain

Original Heel Seats are the ultimate in structured support — and our most popular product! These “little blue miracles” have helped more than 1 million customers get back on their feet:

  • Rigid structure for maximum arch support and stability
  • Firm, flexible rubber blend stays strong for 3 months–guaranteed. No more flimsy foam inserts!
  • Cups and cushions the heel for multi-directional support and motion control
  • Therapeutic acupressure soothes painful “hot spots” while you stand or walk
  • Proven, patented Fascia-Bar Technology lifts and realigns the arch, taking the pressure off painful heel spurs and helping the arch bear weight correctly

Hybrid Heel Seats: Medium Firmness & Cushioning

All-new Hybrid Heel Seats combine the structure of rubber with the comfort of gel for an orthotic insert that’s just the right blend of firmness and cushioning.

  • Perfect for beginners, or individuals with sensitive feet
  • Medium-firm structure realigns the arch, helping your damaged arch heal
  • Cushioning gel offers soothing pain relief and helps your own heel fat pad regenerate
  • Fits right inside your own shoes–with a slim profile that won’t make them feel smaller!
  • Wear them daily, and wash as needed

Wear Hybrid Heel Seats any time you need a little extra cushioning, without sacrificing structure and stability!

Gel Heel Seats: Cushioning & Soft Support

Whether you have tender feet, are new to wearing orthotics, or just need some extra comfort and cushioning once in a while (we all do!) Gel Heel Seats are the ideal blend of cushioning and soft support:

  • Soothing, cushioning relief and support for sensitive or recovering feet
  • Soft support stands up to daily use and is guaranteed effective for 3 months
  • Help your feet adjust gradually to the feel of orthotic inserts, by wearing Gel Heel Seats a few hours each day and slowly increasing your wear time
  • Thick, cushioning gel encourages a thin, worn heel fat pad to regenerate and heal

Find Your Perfect Fit — Guaranteed

Whether your perfect fit is our firmer Original Heel Seats, softer Gel Heel Seats, the new Hybrid Heel Seats, or a combination of all three — depending on how your feet feel — you can rest assured that every pair of Heel Seats we make is backed by our 100% money-back guarantee.

Why are we so confident? Because Heel Seats with Fascia-Bar Technology are proven to be twice as effective as comparable orthotic inserts. No fine print, and no loopholes. Just orthotic inserts that make your feet feel great — or we’ll give you a full refund.