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Feel the difference these healthy socks make for heel pain and swelling the moment you slip them on!

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Do you suffer from a venous disorder such as deep vein thrombosis, edema or phlebitis, or from a ligament-based condition such as plantar fasciitis? Imagine if the simple act of pulling on your socks in the morning could make a meaningful improvement in your comfort throughout the day! Consider HTP Pro Health Socks your two new best friends, specifically designed to bring soothing support to aching, inflamed or swollen legs, heels, arches and the rest of your feet.

If HTP Pro Health Socks don’t help you, send them back for a 100% refund, no questions asked, but we believe you’ll love the benefits of these healthy socks, specifically designed to relieve heel pain and a host of other problems in 5 important ways:


An Extra Padded Heel

If the natural fat pad of your heel has been worn thin due to plantar fasciitis, HTP Pro Health Socks re-cushion this stress-bearing area of your foot. Wearing socks for heel pain can result in an amazing reduction of discomfort with every step you take.


Gentle Compression

By applying gentle yet firm compression (20-30 mmHg), conditions of swelling such as edema and phlebitis can be reduced and even prevented with regular wear of HTP Pro Health Socks. At the same time, the comfortable cuff and roomy toe tip protector keep feet and legs from feeling too confined. The calf protector features graduated compression for just the right feeling of support throughout the length of the lower leg.


Protection Where It Counts Most

In addition to protecting the heels and toes, these healthy socks protect your ankles from sprains, your Achilles tendons from scrapes and bruises, and your insteps from uncomfortable friction. These socks are unique in their ability to offer specialized care for each important area of the foot and leg, improving overall health.


Sanitary, Breathable Wearing

Constructed of a carefully-selected blend of 76% Nylon, 12% COOLMAX and 12% Lycra, HTP Pro Health Socks are anti-fungal and properly ventilated, keeping feet at a comfortable temperature. Simply machine wash and dry as you would any other socks.


Good Looks, Too!

If typical orthotic socks offend your modern sense of fashion, you’ll feel totally high-tech and hip wearing this sporty-looking duo. The modern white design may even cause envy at your local gym or yoga studio. No one will think you’re wearing support socks – they’ll just think you’ve got cool workout gear!


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Foot Health Socks


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Take just a moment to consider what youll gain if you can finally be rid of the pain of Plantar Fasciitis and heel spurs. Wouldn’t you like to:

  • Get out of the bed in the morning without dreading those first steps?
  • Stand and walk throughout your work day without agonizing pain?
  • Run and play for fun again, like you used to, without ending up limping and hobbling?
  • Greet your day and your loved ones without your temper being strained by chronic pain?
  • Show your feet you appreciate the 5,000 – 10,000 steps they take for you daily by giving them the support they need?
  • Be ready to take on new adventures in life without the fear of future outbreaks of heel pain?

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