Seats & Socks Bundle Deal – $12.95 Savings!

Get Compression Socks for only $10 when you combine with Heel Seats


Knock out heel pain with a one-two punch! This discounted bundle includes one pair of Original Heel Seats and one pair of our famous Compression Socks:

1 pair Original Heel Seats (normally $29.95)

  • Fascia-Bar Technology lifts and realigns your arch
  • Targeted acupressure relieves painful “hot spots”
  • Stay-put cushioning soothes inflamed heels
  • Are guaranteed to work for heel pain from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs

1 pair Compression Socks (normally $22.95)

  • Soft, comfortable, breathable and stylish (50% COOLMAX, 22% nylon, 28% lycra)
  • Ease pain, inflammation, & swelling from plantar fasciitis and venous disorders
  • Gentle compression for improved blood flow and pain relief
  • Extra padding on the heel to cushion painful feet

Save $12.95 when you buy both products together!

Combined Treatments for Faster Relief

When it comes to treating plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and heel spurs, two is better than one. Speed up your healing time by using the power of compression with the proven support of orthotics.

Original Heel Seats cushion painful heels while lifting your fallen, damaged, or worn arch to the perfect height for evenly distributing weight and impact. And Compression Socks effectively improve circulation and blood flow to break up scar tissue and bring down swelling.

Save $12.95 When You Buy Heel Seats and Compression Socks Together

More than 90% of plantar fasciitis cases can be treated at home, using inexpensive, conservative treatments — like orthotic inserts and compression socks!

In this discounted bundle, you’ll get the support and relief of our #1-selling, clinically proven Original Heel Seats, along with the most comfortable pair of compressions socks you’ll ever wear. Most customers experience significant relief within 30 days, with regular use!

Original Heel Seats: Clinically Proven Pain Relief

Heel Seats are no ordinary orthotic inserts. Affectionately known as “little blue miracles” by our customers, Heel Seats were developed by world-renowned podiatrist Dr. Art Smuckler after 30 years of testing and research, and are twice as effective than the leading orthotic brand!

  • Clinically proven, patented Fascia-Bar Technology realigns the heel and offers arch support for proper weight distribution and impact absorption
  • Acupressure points quickly soothe painful “hot spots”
  • Durable cushioning encourages a thin or worn heel fat pad to rebuild itself
  • Fits inside your favorite pair of shoes! Heel Seats are compatible with almost any style f of shoe, sliding in easily over the original insole to lift and support a damaged arch.

Compression Health Socks: Comfortable Compression

Whether you suffer from ligament damage like plantar fasciitis, or a venous disorder like edema or deep vein thrombosis, Compression Health Socks can make a big difference in your comfort level!

With gentle compression (20-30 mmHg) that keeps swelling and inflammation in check while improving circulation, and an added layer of cushioning under the heel, these socks were made with pain relief in mind.

Unlike other orthotic socks, our stylish and sporty Compression Health Socks look as good as they feel. Made of 50% COOLMAX, 22% nylon, and 28% Lycra, Compression Health Socks are comfortable, temperature-controlled, breathable, and antifungal.

Guaranteed Relief — Or Your Money Back

Plantar fasciitis can be a complicated condition, but our promise is pretty simple: All of our products are unconditionally guaranteed to work — or your money back.

Find the relief you’re looking for with two unique treatments in one cost-effective bundle. There’s no need to wait for a special sale or coupon. Which means you’re only one click away from the 100% guaranteed, soothing support your feet need!