Wondering which foot pain products are the real game-changers for heel pain or plantar fasciitis?

You won’t find any so-so or “it worked okay” products on this list. Every single one is a slam dunk (a most have a money-back guarantee to boot!)

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1. Heel Seats

Heel Seats

It’s no surprise that so many people have nicknamed these orthotic inserts “Little blue miracles.” Skeptical? Just read the thousands of glowing reviews from plantar fasciitis sufferers who thought they had tried “everything” for foot pain.”

Not only do washable, reusable Heel Seats hold their shape time after time (unlike the cheap foam ones that end up crushed and flat), but they provide just the right amount of support, combined with just the right amount of cushioning. Most people notice a difference in pain relief right away, and after a few weeks of wear you can expect to kiss foot pain goodbye — or your money back.

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2. Anti-Inflammatory Cream

A hand holding penetrex

Penetrex was developed in Southern California after eight years of research. And this stuff is a lifesaver for quick foot pain relief. It won’t stain your socks, won’t leave your feet feeling slippery or greasy, and it doesn’t have a weird smell (which makes it especially great for the office or on the job!).

Bonus: It also comes with an unconditional guarantee: “Pain-free results, or a pain-free refund.”

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3. Barefoot Wraps

Heel Seat Wraps and purple slippers

Move aside, flip-flops. There’s no need to choose between adorable (but flimsy and unsupportive) footwear for the beach, and stodgy, hot orthotic shoes. Heel Seat Wraps can be worn with almost any pair of sandals (or all by themselves!) for summery, toes-in-the-sand bliss combined with arch support and pain relief.

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4. Yoga Toes

Feet wearing yogatoes

If hammer toes or bunions are the cause of your foot pain, a toe stretcher like Yoga Toes can make a world of difference!

Toe separators gently uncurl, separate, and stretch, painful or deformed toes while you rest, improving circulation, realigning the toes, and gently stretching the tendons and muscles of the foot. This can also be beneficial for heel pain and plantar fasciitis!

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5. Ice Therapy Slippers

Ice Slippers

These slippers are an absolute game-changer when it comes to icing your feet. No more Ziploc baggies of leaking, watery ice cubes (that freeze into crazy shapes when you try to reuse them!).

Ice Therapy Slippers are foot-shaped ice packs that strap right to your feet, so they stay put, delivering soothing cold therapy to inflamed, painful heels or feet. When you’re done icing, just pop them back in the freezer for next time!

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6. Foot Stretcher

Profoot stretcher

Let’s face it: It’s not always easy to get that perfect stretch for your arch. The no-slip ProStretch foot stretcher allows you to get a deeper, perfectly positioned stretch that can help loosen tight calves, heels, arches, and hamstrings; improve strength and flexibility; and improve blood flow.

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7. KT Tape

Kinesiology Tape

A damaged, injured plantar fascia needs stability and support. Taping up the foot and arch with KT tape is a fantastic way to help stabilize the plantar fascia and limit movement while you heal. The extra compression and support is also a lifesaver for pain relief!

There’s a slight learning curve when it comes to taping technique, but the good news is that tape can stay put for several days (and overnight!) before it starts to peel off.

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8. Compression Socks

Compression Socks for Heel Pain

Hold on, don’t skip this one! You might think you’ve tried compression socks before, but if you haven’t tried these babies, you haven’t tried compression socks! With gentle yet firm compression, comfortable cuffs, and roomy toes you’ll feel supported–without feeling strangled! The material is breathable, anti-fungal, and cozy. Wear them day or night for soothing compression that helps reduce swelling and promote blood circulation.

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9. Calf/Foot Massager

Foot and leg massager

Speaking of circulation, this calf/foot massager is a true gem that improves circulation soothes aching feet. Give yourself the gift of the perfect foot/calf massage every single night! The slip-on boots have two massage modes, with three intensity levels and a handheld remote control. (Don’t be too surprised if you spouse or roommate tries to steal this one!)

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10. Foot Massage Ball

Massage Ball and foot

A massage ball made especially for plantar fasciitis is just the ticket for anytime pain relief. Pop it in your purse, desk drawer, or even in your glovebox! Just roll it along the bottom of each foot for 2-3 minutes to help relieve tightness and knots, improve blood flow, and relieve pain quickly.

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11. Metatarsal Pad

Metatarsal pad

If your foot pain is localized in the metatarsal area (where the toes connect to the foot) from diabetes, Morton’s neuroma, calluses, or bunions a metatarsal pad can be a lifesaver. This soft gel pad cushions and compresses the ball of the foot for pain relief, support, and help properly distributing bodyweight while walking and other physical activities.

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12. Plantar Fasciitis eBook

Plantar Fasciitis Ebook

Knowledge is power–and one of the most important ways you can beat foot pain! This free plantar fasciitis ebook covers causes and symptoms of plantar fasciitis, as well as proven natural and medical treatment options for foot pain!

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13. Tens Machine

While electrical current might sound like a strange solution for foot pain, it’s actually pretty incredible. A tens machine delivers an “electrical massage,” using sticky electrodes that attach to your foot. These low-voltage pulses help stimulate the muscles for better blood circulation, reduced inflammation, and rapid temporary pain relief.

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14. Cupping Set

Cupping set for heel pain

Cupping is standard practice for injured athletes— and if you’ve ever wondered what you might be missing, this cupping set is an excellent option! Cupping can help improve foot pain through a unique deep-tissue massage as the cups pull the skin and tissue of the foot into the vacuum created by the cups.

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15. Full-Length Arch Supports

Full Length Heel Seat Orthotics

If you have foot pain paired with high arches, standard orthotic inserts might not cut it. Full-Length Heel Seats take support to the next level, by gently cradling the entire foot while re-aligning the arch to an ideal position.

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16. Heated Foot Warmer

Feet inside of warming pouch

You know that “ahhh” feeling when you step into a perfectly warm bath? This soft, heated foot warmer is like that! Use it to relieve muscle aches, relax and warm cold feet, and stimulate blood flow in painful feet.

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