Fat Pad in the Heel

The fat pad, also known as the corpus adiposum, protects your heel bone by absorbing the day-to-day shocks that come as you move throughout the day. Unfortunately, heel pain sometimes results for different reasons that are associated with problems in the fat pads – luckily there are affordable inserts that re-cushion the heel to prevent heel pain.

Inflammation Of The Fat Pad

One common problem that causes heel pain is inflammation of the fat pads. This typically occurs after repeated, forceful, and prolonged activity. One example of this is jumping. And this injury is common among gymnasts. Pain is average and recovery time is a few weeks.

Fat Pad Displaced Or Thinned

In other situations, the fat pad can be displaced or thinned. In this type of injury, the heel pain will feel like a deep ache or a bruise. And you will find it extremely difficult to walk barefoot or on hard surfaces. If the injury is due to increased activity, healing will be more likely. However, if thinning of the fat pad is the problem, than the problem could be associated with age. At this point, the best treatment option might be to invest in products to protect your heel pad from future thinning and future pain.

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Fat Pad Pain Differs From Plantar Fasciitis

While both heel pad injuries and plantar fasciitis cause heel pain, the injuries differ. Plantar fasciitis sufferers usually experience a sharper pain. Also, the heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis is usually felt closer towards the instep than heel pad injuries.

Treating Fat Pad Pain

There are a variety of different options to help treat fad pad pain. Staying off your feet is always recommended. In addition, shoe inserts are beneficial to keep the fat pad in place. Many people also utilize other home remedies including athletic tape, icing, massaging, and more.

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