New Study: ESWT vs. Botulinum A for Plantar Fasciitis

There are dozens of home remedies and medical treatments for plantar fasciitis, which makes it a confusing condition to treat.

How do you know which treatment is right for you with so many options out there?

Before you invest in medical treatments, it’s smart to start with home remedies such as R.I.C.E., stretching, and orthotic inserts.

However, if the pain persists, it’s important to seek the advice of a doctor and look into medical treatment options.

A new study was released in March by researchers from General and Provincial Hospitals (Spain) comparing the effectiveness of ESWT and Botulinum A (BoNT-A) for plantar fasciitis.

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Summary of the Study

This study consisted of 72 participants who had a plantar fasciitis diagnosis for at least 6 months, and had not previously responded to physiotherapy or electrotherapy. For those who experienced pain from plantar fasciitis in both feet, only the more painful foot was treated.

Patients were randomly assigned to two different treatment groups: one receiving ESWT and the others BoTN-A treatments. Pain was measured before and after treatment using the Visual Analog Scale.

ESWT consisted of a single 15-minute session administered at the most painful part of the foot. The BoTN-A treatment consisted of an injection at the insertion of the plantar fascia and an injection at the most painful part of the foot.

The follow-up results were measured 1-2 months after the treatment.

Results: ESWT Was More Effective Than Botulinum-A for Plantar Fasciitis

ESWT is more effective than Botulinum for Plantar Fasciitis

ESWT treatment resulted in a 1-point decrease on the VAS scale, whereas BoTN-A resulted in no significant improvement in pain. This shows that ESWT may be a more effective treatment method than BoTN-A injections.

If you have struggled with plantar fasciitis for several months and other remedies have not been successful, ESWT may provide the relief you are looking for.

However, even the winning treatment only improved heel pain by 1 point on the VAS scale.

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