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Heel Pain while Standing

Heel pain is a very common complaint among active individuals. However, people that are not active also suffer from this problem. Many times simply standing for a prolonged period of time can cause heel pain.

About This Heel Pain

If standing is causing your heels to hurt, it makes sense that you should sit down and rest. Unfortunately, for many people, rest is not an option. Work often requires people to stand, making the heel pain worse. Additionally uncomfortable shoes can increase heel pain while standing.

Plantar Fasciitis And Occupational Injuries

Interestingly, today there are a growing number of occupational injuries. These injuries vary in type, though plantar fasciitis is a common problem among people working in a more active occupation. If you work at a job that requires you to stand throughout the day, you are putting unnecessary stress on your feet. This can result in the common foot problem known as plantar fasciitis. And those that suffer from plantar fasciitis typically complain of heel pain.

Evaluate Your Shoes

If you notice that your heels are sore from standing, you need to evaluate your shoes. Can you change to more comfortable shoes that will offer more support throughout the day? If not, you might want to look into inserts for your shoes that will provide extra cushion and help to relieve the heel pain.

Other Remedies

In addition to evaluating your shoes, rest is always good. Also, consider combining rest with ice to relieve the inflammation on the soles of your feet. Lastly, you can always perform stretches to help relax the tissues surrounding your heel bone.

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