Foot Strengthening with Wash Cloth

Stretches the plantar fascia ligament for treating plantar fasciitis and heel spurs

Strengthening exercises are important to any soft tissue injury, a simple exercise uses a hand towel. It may seem easy but this exercise strengthens the muscles of the foot using only towel. By increasing the strength of the stabilization and coordination in your feet, you can treat and prevent plantar fasciitis and heel pain.

Start this exercise by sitting in a chair with both feet in front of you. Using a small hand towel or wash cloth (if your feet are strong you can try a bath towel!) and place the towel in front of your feet, flat against the ground.

Using only the toes, try and pull the towel under the foot. It is a very simple exercise to perform but it strengthens the muscles in the feet.

At first, this exercise may be very difficult as many of the small stabilization muscles in the foot are weak, but as time progresses it will become easier. Be sure to do the same amount on each foot, plantar fasciitis can be attributed to uneven gait and pronation, so ensuring both feet are equally as strong will help to treat plantar fasciitis and prevent plantar fasciitis from returning.

This exercise may be performed as many times a week as you are able to, if possible, try to do three days a week with 5 to 10 minutes for the exercise, dividing the time equally between each foot, even if only one foot is affected.

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