Heel Spur Orthotic

Heel Spur Orthotics are among the best ways to treat heel spurs and related conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Orthotic devices are typically simple pads that can be easily placed into a pair of shoes can be worn throughout the day to treat the discomfort of heel spurs. However, many heel spur suffers resort to using orthotics at local drug stores that are not designed specifically to treat heel spurs. Usually, orthotics at drug stores tend to be designed to add cushioning for worn out shoes, but have not specific design features that address heel spurs or plantar fasciitis. Heel That Pain treatments, on the other hand, are an easy and effective alternative to many of those unsuccessful alternatives.

How Our Heel Spur Treatments Work

Our Heel Spur Orthotic works by applying acupressure to stop pain, then goes to work healing the problems that caused the heel spur or spurs to form. Our patented “Heel Seats” physically re-stretch the plantar-fascia ligament while increasing the density of the heel’s natural fat pad (the body’s natural shock absorber). They also structurally support the heel bone to prevent partial collapse of the mid-foot. The effective design of this orthotic has been clinically proven to treat heel spurs.

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Our Orthotics for heel spurs have helped thousands of patients from around the world during the past 30 years. The Heel Seats have been tested and proven highly effective in countless clinical studies. They simply outperform other heel spur orthotics, and we guarantee that statement. If the Heel Seats do not work to treat and heal your heel spur(s), we will completely refund your purchase price.

Reduce heel pain with this guaranteed treatment!

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What Makes HTP Heel Spur Treatments Different

Many other orthotics do not provide the features and effective results in treating heel spurs. This is because most orthotics are intended to merely provide added “comfort.” In addition to the wide range of features incorporated into the design of our proven products allows them to move easily with your foot while you move, exercise, and continue your daily lifestyle. In addition, they are made from a special material that is not only flexible, but is also strong and durable.

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