Plantar Fasciitis in the Morning

Morning plantar fasciitis pain is one of the most painful symptoms associated with heel pain conditions, and is often the most severe pain felt throughout the day. People describe morning heel pain as stabbing, burning, or aching. This pain usually subsides throughout the day, however it returns after long periods of rest such as sitting through a long movie, and again the next morning.

Causes of Plantar Fasciitis Morning Pain

During sleep, it is common for the muscles of the calf and foot to tighten up naturally. The first few steps of bed put pressure on the inflamed tissue, and can cause the plantar fascia ligament to be overstretched if the muscle is too tight. For many plantar fasciitis sufferers, the first steps taken in the morning are extremely painful.

How to Treat Morning Heel Pain

Morning heel pain can be treated in a variety of ways, often from home for a very low cost. It is important to treat the underlying cause of the pain, plantar fasciitis. This can be done by resting from rigorous activities for a few days, wearing orthotic inserts, and regularly stretching the feet.

In the short-term, morning heel pain can often be relieved by gently stretching the feet and ankles before stepping out of bed in the morning. This will warm up the plantar fascia ligament, reducing the chance of over-stretching with the first few steps out of bed. Wearing a night brace or soft night splint will also help relieve morning plantar fasciitis pain by gently stretching your feet throughout the night.

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